What We Draw, Sadie’s Speech Therapy, and Other Activities

Jimmy and I were sitting next to each other in church on Wednesday night and I doodled a flower onto his study worksheet. What did he draw? A steel beam, of course!

Flower and steel beam drawing

I’d say our drawings accurately sum us up! In my family, my nickname is Daisy. And Jimmy? He’s always thinking about steel due to his work in the industry.

I mentioned that Sadie would be starting speech therapy and she now has a few sessions under her belt. She’s doing awesome and seems to be having fun with her therapist. I have so much respect for people who do this type of work.

Right now, she’s learning how to say the letter F. Usually, if she were to say the word “five” she would pronounce it “Sfive” aka, she puts an “S” in front of her “F.” We’ve been working on her speech homework, too! It’s so cute to see her fully concentrate and then smile so big when she gets it right.

Speech therapy homework to pronounce the letter F

She sees an ear, nose, and throat specialist next week to check on the structure of her mouth/uvula/etc. and will also be retested for her failed hearing test soon. She’s such a trooper!

Aside from Sadie’s therapy and my weekly prenatal appointments (all is still well with me and baby!), we’ve been squeezing in some fun.

Girls in wood photo backdrop at corn maze

We went to a corn maze with our church one Saturday evening earlier this month. We’ve been doing this fall activity for years and it’s always a great time.

Girl at Madsen Donuts with worker

Sader Tot and I visited Gramma K (who works at the new local donut shop!) and got a tour, donut, and delicious coffee.

Girl next to black lab mix dog

We’ve also spent some time at Jimmy’s work. Look how big Peach is! Sadie adores seeing Jimmy at work and never wants to leave. She usually tells me to leave and says she is going to stay with daddy 😂

Our cat lets us live here sign

I found Malcolm sitting on our kitchen table so I set his sign up in front of him for a little photo shoot. He is something else!

Husky sitting on couch like a human

Can’t forget about Niva! She has been living her best life, sitting like a human on the couch and having all her dog friends over for play dates and sleepovers.

Coffee from Nespresso and laptop

I’ve been working on Etsy stuff with a cup of coffee! Not all of my Etsy work involves the oven. Sometimes I’m busy replying to messages from customers, shipping orders, buying ingredients or packing supplies, and updating items in the shop.

What have you been up to lately?



  1. Wow what a great post!! Sadie is doing so well with her speech, and she works so hard too. I love that you were able to get a tour with Kim!! And some goodies to boot ♥️♥️
    I have just been working around our house, and doing a massive leaf raking session with just me and my music (and take of course).
    Can’t wait to try some new Braid Bakery products!!
    Love you

  2. Good job to Sadie! Actually, you writing about her experience makes me wonder how speech therapy is approached I. Other countries, since technically certain letter sounds in English aren’t the same as in other countries…like, if a language required a native speaker to roll their r’s, is that something that would be seen as something to be worked on with therapy 🤔 genuinely curious, haha

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