Thoughts From Today

Just popping in to say hi! Sadie is currently playing on her own, so I have a spare minute to write about all the things swirling around my brain today.

Girl hugging mom's 36 week pregnant belly

Sadie gave her little brother a big hug today! Also, I am living in this maternity shirt… and Jimmy’s clothes 😂

This week is the week of appointments for us. Monday was a gym-type class for Sadie at the library, today was her speech therapy evaluation, tomorrow I see the hematologist to do an anemia checkup, Thursday is a prenatal appointment, and Friday I go to the chiropractor. Whew. Something every day! All good stuff, though.

Sadie’s speech therapy evaluation went well. The therapist was super kind and administered a test to see how Sadie ranked and it was determined she does need therapy, which is what Jimmy and I suspected. She found some things that were a little off with Sadie’s uvula and how she moves her tongue, which would explain why she had trouble swallowing solid food as a baby. She also said the articulation Sadie is struggling with could be connected to hearing loss, so we’re working on getting that tested soon!

Girl holding lunch box at park

She starts therapy next week and I’m happy for her! The way I see it, therapy is a good thing. It’s helpful and nothing we’re ashamed of or worried about. I feel blessed it’s so accessible to us in this country.

We’ve had a nice Tuesday so far. The weather has been glorious (sunny and 70 degrees!), so we walked to our neighborhood park and had a picnic. We also made butterflies out of toilet paper rolls.

Toilet paper roll butterfly craft

In other news, today started Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale. It’s like a pre-Black Friday sale, which is kinda crazy , but also cool. I am all for getting Christmas shopping done early, but huge sales like this can feel… overwhelming. Are you buying anything during this sale? I purchased an Aura digital picture frame for a family member, but that’s it!

On one hand, if you know you need something, sales like this are perfect for replacing that vacuum on its last leg, the wonky blender, or stocking up on the shampoo you know you love. On the other hand, it’s easy to aimlessly look at deals and buy things just because they’re a good price.

I’m continually working on finding a balance with being smart about buying what we need at a good price, shopping small when possible, and most importantly: being content with what I’ve been blessed with.

Well, that was quite a random shopping/consumer ramble. I’m waiting on Jimmy to get home from work so I can run to the grocery store and then he’s off to a church meeting. It will be a girls night over here for me and Sader Tot!

Short girl problems meme

Speaking of the grocery store, I’ll leave you with the above meme that accurately describes my life. I’m an independent woman! I’m strong! I’m… short 😅

Do you ever have to climb grocery store shelves or ask for help reaching things?

Are you buying anything during the Prime Early Access Sale?

What has been the best part of your day?



  1. I’m 5’5 and I think I once had to ask for something on the top shelf. Don’t remember what it was but it was super annoying 🤣

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