Work and Play

We’ve been working and playing here in the Zottola household. Jimmy took off of work on Thursday (!) so he could knock out the flooring in baby’s nursery.

First, we had some fun! I went to a prenatal appointment (all is well with baby–yay!) while Jimmy and Sadie went to her weekly art class. I hurried home after my appointment, grabbed coffee for Jimmy and I, and met them at the art studio.

Girl painting a stick in art class at Artsmiths of Pittsburgh in Carnegie, PA

Afterwards, we browsed around the art studio’s shop and Sadie was spoiled with a stuffed bunny that she aptly named Floppy. She has admired that exact bunny for weeks and dad comes along one time and she gets it 😉

Once floppy was secured, we walked one shop over to a bakery and grabbed some treats. Yes, I own a home bakery and still go to bakeries. I think it’s important to support local businesses, even if I work in the same field.

Girl standing by balloons in Sugar Butter Bakery in Carnegie

Sadie is holding Floppy in this picture. She hasn’t let go of that stuffed animal since she got it.

We had lunch after our bakery desserts and then I brought Sadie to the mall so Jimmy could work on the nursery. It was a rainy day and Sader Tot was in desperate need of shoes and warm clothes, so we were on a mission!

We found church shoes, sneakers, and a few items of clothing before we headed home to check on Jimmy.

Guy installing flooring in nursery

He somehow finished all but one plank of flooring over the corse of the afternoon and evening! Sadie and I cooked dinner together and then we all worked on decorating a fall gingerbread house.

It was such a sweet day as a family. It had a great balance of getting stuff done (prenatal appointment! nursery flooring!) and fun (art class! bakery! gingerbread house!).

Mom and daughter with fall gingerbread house

Jimmy is taking today off of work as well so he can wrap up some loose ends with the nursery, but we’re also thinking of doing something fun with Sadie girl. I need to squeeze some baking in, too! I have a few local orders I need to work on 😊

We were praying before dinner last night and Jimmy was thanking God for extra family time before baby comes and it made me realize that our days as just the three of us are dwindling down. I know it’s going to be a huge change, but I also know we won’t be able to imagine life without baby boy soon enough. It’s definitely an in between time of anticipation, you know?!

When was the last time you took a staycation?

Are you currently in an “in between” place in life?



  1. Honestly, I think I am perpetually in an “in between” place of life. Most days I have come to accept this, but once in a while it feels exhausting. Accepting it is the most helpful though! Such is life.

    I would absolutely go to other bakeries even if I owned one, sometimes you just want someone ELSE to bake the treats! I took a staycation over the summer and it was wonderful. I took the time off planning to go on a trip to Scotland, but it didn’t feel right. So I didn’t, but I kept the time off. Much needed!

    1. You always impress me with how you’ve adapted in life! Between traveling and working and just living, I admire how you have been okay with being “in between.”

      YES! Exactly about the bakeries. I absolutely loooove when people bake FOR me! It rarely happens for some reason, but I always enjoy it!

      Kudos to you for enjoying your staycation and being cool with not going to Scotland! That takes more guts than just going through with the trip if it didn’t feel right, you know?!

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