As I’ve recently alluded to, there have been some changes in my life!

I have a new job. I’m now working for my family’s real estate brokerage. The business has become busier and busier as more agents have joined the team, so I’m now in charge of the company’s website, marketing, and social media!

At my first meeting last week!

One of the awesome things about this new job is that I’m working remotely, so my schedule is a lot more flexible. It’s also great to know I’m helping to further my family’s business. Some of my co-workers now include my brother, dad, and sister-in-law. Yay!

It sounds like that should have been an easy choice but it totally wasn’t.

First and foremost, I was bummed to leave the family I was working for. They have treated me so well over the past couple of years, and I’ve felt like a part of their family.

Secondly, the same day I received my family’s job offer, I received another job offer. The other job would have had similar hours, a different type of work, and was located in an office that’s about a 30 minute drive (without traffic) from our home.

I had to really think about it. I would have to give up pet sitting if I took the second job offer, and I’d be spending at least an hour a day commuting to and from work.

I can’t imagine giving up pet sitting.

Jimmy and I talked a bit and we both agreed that working for my family’s business seemed like a better opportunity. I’m really enjoying the work I’m doing so far and I appreciate not having to drive in Pittsburgh traffic every day. Can you tell I really dislike driving? 😉

Anyways, it has been such a season of change for me! I put in my two weeks notice for the family on March 1st, so my last day was the 15th. I’ve been working for my family’s business for a week now, and it’s awesome. The creative aspects of web design and marketing are especially fun.

Malcolm makes sure I’m getting my work done.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say as time goes on, but I just wanted to update everyone on the big change!

Aw, shucks!

Golly.. after asking what you want more of on my blog, I had no idea people actually liked my randomness. I kinda thought you all felt bad for me 😉

Everyone said that they like what I am doing and want to hear more about my personal life (cause I am sooo interesting, I know! JK.), recipes, and me transferring colleges! Well I do have some college updates!

Yesterday I filled out a bunch of student athlete forms and signed my national letter of intent. You may be wondering what that is.. I shall inform! National Letter of Intent: 

  • A legal, binding contract in which a student agrees to attend a college for one academic year. In return, a college agrees to provide the student with athletics related financial aid for one year.
Yep, I just made a commitment! Now I have to go to Seton Hill. 
You wanted to know more about my personal life. Well I’ll tell you. They gave me a $16,433 athletic scholarship. (I feel like i’m not allowed to say that on the internet?!)

 I will admit it was scary to sign the forms and my mom was like “Why are you being all quiet and sad today?!” I guess I just haven’t been used to going outside of my comfort zone in a while. But I am ready for what ever God brings me to because I trust Him. 
Today I enjoyed too much of this:I eat like half a watermelon a day. It makes my stomach appear to be carrying a large baby 🙂 I also mentioned that I mowed. Well someone was CREEPING on me!
LOL. Okay. That is enough of my crazy/random/personal stuff 🙂
Love yaaaaaaaaa<333333 
What helps you when you are afraid of change?!