Just Some Lists

I feel like life has been bursting at the seams with good stuff lately!

Mom and daughter selfie at picnic table in park

From books to moments to food and everything in between. I want to share it all in a cohesive way, so here are a few lists of some favorites lately.


  • The trees are super vibrant in Pittsburgh right now. Every time I’m driving or outside, I’m happily shocked at just how beautiful fall is here.
  • My siblings and our families drew names for Christmas gifts this year because our family is getting so big! Christmas 2018, it was just Sadie with no cousins yet. Christmas 2022? There will be seven cousins! I’m excited to shop and I’m so happy our family is large enough that we need to draw names to give gifts.
  • Taking Sadie on little adventures: library story times, visiting farms, art class, and even grocery shopping. I was so happy when a librarian told me she thought Sader Tot is extra polite.
  • Holding my nephew, Titus, and feeling overjoyed at how well he’s doing. He’s now close to seven pounds!
  • The accomplished feeling of doing a project I would usually ask Jimmy to do. I installed black faux leather door pulls on our Ikea wardrobe all by myself! With a drill bit! And a FaceTime session with my dad, lol.

Black leather door pulls on white Ikea wardrobe


  • The other day Jimmy was like “I have a confession to make… I like your oat milk.” Sadie and I are lactose intolerant and Jimmy is wary of all things nondairy, so to hear he likes oat milk made me smile.
  • The food we feed Niva. We buy it homemade from Pawlicious Pet Food and Niva girl is healthy and has a shiny coat. She gobbles it right up. It feels good to feed her well.
  • Cinnamon oat milk and mint chocolate cookies have been delicious lately.
  • Honeycrisp apples from local farms.
  • Our local grocery store sells 5 packs of meat for $25. I had a coupon for 6 packs of meat for $25 and $5 off… we definitely stocked up!
  • Sushi ginger! I could eat it like candy. I do just eat it out of the jar, but I also love putting it in soups.

Ginger People sushi ginger


  • I mentioned this bathroom cleaning gel back in 2019 and still use it to this day. I’m continually *shooketh* at how well and how fast it works on stubborn spots.
  • Making our bed each day is such a simple thing but makes a big difference in how I feel for some reason, lol.
  • Sadie and I painted this adorable wind chime kit together to give to my mom. Love the tinkling sound of wind chimes.
  • Mrs. Meyers seasonal scents are so lovely. I currently have the all purpose cleaning spray in the acorn spice and orange clove scents and they make wiping down our kitchen table feel (almost) fun.
  • Love this big pack of parchment paper sheets. I use our oven on the daily and these are awesome and so convenient.
  • Our Dyson cordless vacuum! I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but we are Dyson devotees. They make great products. We upgraded to a newer model during a recent sale and I’m loving it.
  • The Naked Bee hand sanitizer in the orange blossom honey scent is divine.

The Naked Bee hand sanitizer


  • Almost finished with I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy and it goes deep. Somehow Jennette is able to simultaneously make light of the horrible childhood she went through and how she’s grown from it.
  • I only have a few more chapters left of Created to Be His Helpmeet and it’s filled with all sorts of advice and wisdom for wives.
  • Reading Jesus Calling is a beloved morning ritual for me and the devotions in Strong, Brave, Loved are always on point. I’ll be sad when I finish it!!
  • My rechargeable book light is my nightly companion.


  • Making it to the ninth month of pregnancy! We have prayed for this baby for years and we’re getting so close to meeting him. God is so, so good.
  • Cozy family movie nights.
  • Blog friends and readers. You guys are the best.
  • Seeing pictures of Braid Bakery granola on the shelves at The Iron Bird.

Braid Bakery granola at The Iron Bird

Tell me some of your favorite things in each category!



  1. Wow! What a great way to organize this post! I have to say seeing the beautiful leaves in western PA is breathtaking – but honestly, 2nd to the Adirondack mountains in upstate NY (always repping my home state)
    Spending time with my grandkids has topped my list of favorites since Sept 2018!
    Going to our beach house and feeling so so so blessed that we have it to share with our family and friends.
    SOOOOO proud of your granola products in a store!! INCREDIBLE!! Hard work pays off beautiful mama.

  2. Thank you for reaching out to Pawlicious and so so glad Niva live the homemade dog food. Glad to hear her coat and health showing good results of eating Pawlicious.

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