lactose intolerant

Sugar Cookies with Vanilla Frosting (Dairy-Free)

Ah, the sugar cookie. It’s such a classic cookie.

I baked a lot of sugar cookies over the summer for my church’s annual Vacation Bible School. One woman at my church is “famous” for her sugar cookies that are served each year at VBS.  In June, she asked me to take over the sugar cookie baking, and I gladly accepted. She insisted that I use her sugar cookie recipe, and I was more than happy to! (more…)

The doctor visit

Yesterday was my doctors appointment. I was a little nervous.

I asked my doctor a few questions

1. Ever since I have become a vegetarian I feel as if I have been getting many injuries and feeling run down at times. Do my injuries have anything to do with being a vegetarian? Her answer: No. As long as you are getting enough calcium and vital nutrients you are doing great as a vegetarian and can stay that way. (Yay!) She had me get blood drawn to see how I’m doing with vitamins/minerals- just in case.

That made me happy!

2. I ate ice cream the other night. I don’t usually eat dairy and I felt pretty awful for a full day. Is it possible that I am lactose intolerant? Her answer: Yes. About 70% of the population has some sort of intolerance to lactose and it is especially possible to develop it if you don’t consume dairy for a long period of time and then try to go back to it. She had me get blood drawn to check for a lactose allergy.

3. Why do I keep getting injuries? Her answer: You probably aren’t letting yourself heal fully. I want you to take 2 months off of running.

So I got a ton of blood drawn, left the doctors office, and got an iced latte to cheer me up! [P.S.: I’ll find out the blood work results in a few days]

(This post has WAY too many pictures of me hahah)


Anyways, I suppose what you are all wondering is am I going to take 2 months off of running?

My answer: I don’t know. My knee has been bugging me again lately and I have cross country training camp on Sunday. Since the doctor offered to write me an excuse from cross country I am still able to get the scholarship and go to my school (praise God for his blessings!!). But if I use the excuse I won’t be able to run until October 9th. That kind of sucks.

I guess what I am going to do is see how I feel. I’m probably going to cross train until Sunday and see how my knee feels then. I’ll go from there.


I’m really glad the doctor said it is possible (as long as the blood results come back good) for me to continue to be a vegetarian. I’m interested to find out if I’m lactose intolerant and I’m just going to go with the flow with how my knee feels for running.