Thoughts and Snapshots

Hello hello! Sharing some thoughts and snapshots on this beautiful day.

Sisters with baby girl daughters

Have you ever purchased something and instantly thought why didn’t I discover this sooner? I did that twice recently. We have this little issue with mold in the grout of our shower (just keepin’ it real, as always!) and I’ve tried and tried to get rid of it. I was skeptical of the reviews for this gel, but gave it a try and it worked. Like instantly. Yay!

Life changing product #2: Our energetic little Mavis girl adores playing fetch. After a few rounds of throwing her ball, our hands would get so slimy… until I discovered this. No more slimy hands and I can throw the ball so much further!

Cocker spaniel with chuck it toy for fetch

Can nut butter be life changing? Maybe? This stuff is amazing. I’m pretty sure I went through the jar in less than a week.

More thoughts
-Sadie’s initial early intervention evaluation (for swallowing concerns) is tomorrow. We saw some progress over the weekend; she swallowed a piece of sweet potato!
-Our garden is a jungle. The cucumbers and zucchini are growing like crazy! I think I need to make a few batches of refrigerator pickles.
-We are just loving summer with Sadie. We’ve been swimming, playing outside, and making little trips to pet stores and libraries.
-Jimmy and I have been watching the new season of Battle Bots on Discovery Channel every Friday night and we’re so into it.
-I baked nine grain dinner rolls over the weekend and loved every second of it. Baking is the best.
-Just finished this book, am currently reading this one, and this one is on deck next!

More snapshots

Family swimming with baby girl

Nine grain dinner rolls

Zucchini and jalapeno from vegetable garden

Baby girl doing puzzle at library

What would a few snapshots of your life right now look like?



  1. I’m so glad you have found two things to make life so much easier all the sudden! 🙂

    That last picture of her! Allie, she is SO big! ❤ And hey, I hope her early intervention meeting goes well tomorrow. Praying peace over you guys.

    1. Me too! It has been so nice to be able to have a mold-free shower and happy pup!

      II can’t believe how big she’s getting, either. Like HOW!? Thank you so much for the prayers! We have her next meeting (and in-depth evaluation) on Monday!

  2. I’m so happy that Sadie loves swimming! It’s so important to learn to swim at a young age.
    A snap shot of my life right now would be me chugging Delsym cough syrup in the Aldi parking lot so I won’t have a total coughing attack in the middle of the aisle 😑.
    Your garden goods look amazing!!
    Love you All!

    1. Me too! I just love seeing her splash and play and I hope she always enjoys it and learns to swim well!

      I’m so sorry you got such a bad cough. No fun!

      Thanks for the compliment on the garden! Hope you’re enjoying the cucumbers 🙂

      Love you so much! ❤

  3. I cannot believe how big and beautiful she is getting. What a sweetie! Her smile lights up her entire face. 🙂
    I am totally going to look into that mold fighting gel. Ha, ha! I recently discovered a similar issue here at our house.

  4. Such good stuff! That’s awesome that two simple things have made your life easier. I love it when that happens. I’m so impressed with your garden harvest. And I’m praying that you got good information and news at Sadie’s EI session. Continue to enjoy summer!

    1. The simple stuff that makes life easier really is great! Thanks for the compliment on our garden. We are loving all the fresh veggies!

      Thank you so much for praying! We have Sadie’s second EI appointment on Monday! I hope your summer is going well 🙂

  5. That ball thrower is such a brilliant idea!!
    I love that you guys have been having such a great summer and really taking advantage of the weather! I’m loving summer and especially being able to explore all the fun things near us with our new home!
    Also, I had no idea pickles could be made in the fridge like that! Do you think there’s a way to do that for dill pickles as well, or just sweet?

    1. It has been quite life changing, haha! If Kona likes to play fetch I think you guys would love it! I hope your summer has been going well, too! I’m sure it has to be so much fun living at the beach now!

      I’m sure you could find a dill refrigerator pickle recipe!! I think just the spice or herbs would be different and the method would be the same!

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