Doing Car Things on My Own, Brownies, and Life Lately

Our car has needed oil for about a week and we kept meaning to take care of it. I finally asked Jimmy what type of oil we needed, how much, and then brought Sadie to the car parts store with me to get it!

Royal Purple Motor Oil

The workers at O’Reilys Auto Parts were probably so confused at this almost 40 week pregnant lady walking into the store with a four year old while on a mission for motor oil 😂

I watched a few YouTube videos on how to add the oil to our car and got to work! Sadie was very concerned because she’s used to seeing Jimmy doing car-related things. She said “Uhh, mom.. do you know about cars?” and I replied “Not really, but I’m learning!”

I successfully added a quart of oil and the dinging notification turned off in our car. Yay! I’m trying to be a bit more handy with things like installing handles on our closet door and now putting oil in the car.

However I can help take extra work off of Jimmy’s plate is always a win in my book! Plus, it’s fun to learn new things and feel accomplished after trying something new 😊

I finally set my Etsy shop in vacation mode in anticipation of giving birth soon… but got a local order for brownies. Of course I said yes. I seriously have a hard time saying no to baking!

Gluten free fudge brownies by Braid Bakery Etsy shop

Other things happening over here have included painting a wooden turkey, speech therapy for Sadie, homeschooling, finding chicken nuggets in the car, rearranging furniture, and setting up a lamp in baby’s nursery. How about some pictures?!

Himalayan salt lamp

I went with a Himalayan salt lamp for baby’s room and I really like how it looks! It gives off a nice glow and creates a calm ambiance. I kinda want one for every room in our house now.

Have you ever heard of salt caves as like a wellness/spa type of thing? I’d totally go. If anyone has ever been to one, I want to hear about your experience!

I set Sadie up with a wooden turkey mask and paint one morning this week and we both ended up making her rainbow turkey. I thought it came out pretty cute!

Chicken nuggets from car

Just a normal day over here, finding chicken nuggets in the car door 😂 Jimmy and I felt bad because we got McDonald’s after church on Sunday night and Sadie dropped her nuggets while we were driving.

We thought they stayed in the box when they fell and I grabbed it off the floor for her. She complained of being hungry a few minutes later and we were like “You just had a four piece chicken nugget! You’re fine!” Little did we know, she only got two nuggets. Sorry, Sader Tot!!

Sonlight Pre K Math

We’re working on counting from 10-20 for math during Sadie’s homeschool and I kinda feel like she has my brain with math. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you may remember how I s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e-d with statistics in college.

Reading and writing? Love ’em! Sadie seems to be the same. Hopefully we can find ways to make math fun for her (and me…) as we go on this homeschool journey!

Siberian husky sitting in window

Last but not least, we have our Houdini husky! Our living room has a big picture window and we’ve always kept our couch under it buuuut Niva would jump on the couch and sit in the window (much to everyone in our neighborhood’s enjoyment) and smear her nose all over the window and knock the couch cushions down. I finally decided to move the couch… and she still can maneuver into the window, LOL.

Have you ever changed your car’s oil?

What has your life lately been like?



  1. I agree, learning how to do things for the first time and getting a new skill is definitely a good feeling. I don’t know much about cars either, I should probably learn how to change a tyre! I’ve changed the oil before and regularly top up my screenwash and check tyre pressures but that’s about it. Both my headlight bulbs failed recently and I only discovered when I had to do a drive home at night! 😱 Thankfully the full beams were still working but obviously you can’t keep them on when cars are coming towards you, but when I dipped my lights I was basically driving in the dark. It was a nerve-racking four miles home 😅 Thankfully I got the bulbs changed quickly and it looked like it was an easy job, so I could probably learn myself for future reference!

    My life lately has been busy with work and getting over a nasty double ear infection. It went on for 10 days and I kept thinking it was getting better, but then I went to get it checked out and the nurse gave me two types of antibiotic. Thankfully the amoxicillin kicked into action quickly, ear infections are not fun and it must be so hard for little ones who get them often.

    Those brownies look amazing!

    Hope all goes well with the last few days of pregnancy and the birth 😊 Such an exciting time but at 40 weeks I bet you’re feeling ready for your son to arrive now!

  2. I commend you for adding your own oil! I will try to learn things regarding my bike, or other smaller mechanical things, but a car is one I don’t mess with. I would feel comfortable adding oil, but the entire process of changing and cleaning and all that scares me. 🤣

    I have been to a couple salt mines for general tours, but there is one in Poland that had a legit wellness center further down in the earth. I would love to go back sometime, but this one I think specializes in genuine ailments. The air is so pure a lot of people who struggle with lung problems will go. Fascinating stuff.

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