A Good Appointment and The Many Sleeping Positions of Niva

Sadie had a checkup with an ear, nose, and throat physician on Friday and all went well! We headed to a local Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh location and the doctor had a look at her mouth, throat, and ears and asked a bunch of questions.

Child at ear, nose, and throat doctor office at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

He wasn’t worried about the structure of her uvula or the movement of her tongue (yay!), but he did agree with the speech therapist that she has a raspy voice. He said it could be because she talks loudly (she really does 😂) or that there’s an issue with her vocal cords.

The only way to fully examine her vocal cords is to put her under anesthesia or to wait and have her keep working on her vocal hygiene during speech therapy. I was all for waiting and working through speech therapy before having her go under anesthesia!

He explained that her speech articulation issues and loudness could be connected with hearing loss, so we went into the audiology department for a hearing test.

Four year old doing hearing test at audiology department of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

She did well with her hearing test–what a relief! Also, props to all the audiologists out there who work with children. The woman who saw Sadie was so creative with how she tested her.

I can’t read audiograms really well, but from what I understand, her hearing seems to be normal 😊

Four year old audiogram

So, the plan is to work on her speech therapy and see if the raspiness goes away. If not, we can look into having her vocal cords examined. I’m glad all seems to be well and nothing serious was found!

Speaking of her (adorable) voice, I interviewed Sadie for her fourth birthday! She is one silly girl. She truly makes me laugh every day with the things she says.

Now, onto the many sleeping positions of Niva.

She went to doggy daycare one day last week and was so worn out after. Every time I looked at her she was sleeping in a different position!

Siberian husky sleeping on back on couch Siberian husky sleeping on back

She may not look comfortable, but she sure does look peaceful when she sleeps, lol! Do your pets sleep in any crazy positions? Our cat, Malcolm, always wants to sleep on top of me, especially when I’m pregnant! I’ll wake up in the night and wonder why it feels like I have a brick laying on me 😂

What’s your favorite sleeping position?



  1. I’m so glad all went well with Sadie’s appt’s. What a relief!!
    Nova’s sleep positions are hilarious – I have def seen her in some interesting ones in the past.
    As you know- our dog Brandy and our black cat Felix both sleep facing each other on the back of our couch. They’re such weirdos- but it’s adorable 🥰
    I am definitely a side sleeper!

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