Cats and dogs

A Good Appointment and The Many Sleeping Positions of Niva

Sadie had a checkup with an ear, nose, and throat physician on Friday and all went well! We headed to a local Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh location and the doctor had a look at her mouth, throat, and ears and asked a bunch of questions.

Child at ear, nose, and throat doctor office at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh (more…)

Pet Sitting and a Party

I mentioned in my last post that I was pet sitting for a friend and it felt like when I used to pet it full time because this pup stayed overnight with us. Hadn’t done that in a hot minute!

Two Siberian huskies standing by each other

Niva and Runah had the best time playing together, running full speed around the yard, and annoying our cat, Malcolm. I kind of love when we have dogs stay with us because Niva gets to have so much interaction and fun with another dog. (more…)