Making Edible Christmas Trees and Sadie’s Photography

Is it too early to make Christmas-themed treats? I’m not sure and I’m not sure I care because it’s too much fun!

Rice Krispie Christmas Trees

Sadie and I made these cute little Christmas trees out of Rice Krispies, marshmallows, butter, mini m&ms, and white icing. I think they came out so cute and Sadie liked that we didn’t have to wait for anything to bake and cool, lol!

Speaking of Sadie girl, ever since we filmed her four year interview, she has been very into cameras. I showed her how to use the camera on my phone and she took an artsy photo of her feet. Niva’s dog bone, and one of baby’s toys.

Picture taken by four year old

Maybe we have a future blogger on our hands?! I wonder what the world of blogging will look like by the time Sadie is an adult.

We had a scary occurrence near our home yesterday. My neighbor called and said there was an active shooter in our area and told me to lock all of our doors. Sadie and I were literally just about to leave for the grocery store, so I’m glad our neighbor called!

Sadie locked all of our bedroom doors from the inside when she heard me talking on the phone and I had to use a coin to open them 😂 Thankfully the situation was taken care of by SWAT teams, police, etc. and the shooter is now in jail. Sadie and I made our way to Walmart to get some essentials (we drink a lot of chocolate almond milk over here!) and looked at the Christmas decor.

Girl standing by Christmas tree display in Walmart

I am so tempted to decorate our house for Christmas! It looks like I decorated the day before Thanksgiving last year, so maybe I’ll wait? We’ll see 😉

When do you decorate for Christmas?



  1. Those tree treats look legit!! And delicious 🤤
    Sadie is definitely a very artsy girl- So it doesn’t surprise me at all that she has an interest in photography!!
    I think bringing out the Christmas decor is perfectly fine at this point- I have seen quite a few Christmas lights up already, so why
    Not 🤷‍♀️
    I kept getting news notifications on my phone about the active shooter in your area- it was definitely a scary time- and I’m so glad your neighbor called you. I didn’t realize how close it actually was to your neighborhood!! Glad you’re all safe and the law enforcement officials handled the situation with no more casualties.
    Love you

  2. Mmmm Chocolate almond milk!! That sounds seriously so good right now. I have been craving churros with chocolate lately! Last time I had them was five years ago in Spain I think 😳

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