Just Some Snapshots

Hi and happy Saturday! I’m just checking in to say hello and share a few pictures from my camera roll. Without further ado, here are the snapshots!

Mom and daughter near Christmas tree at Ikea

Jimmy, Sadie, and I went to Ikea on Thursday night! We bought a wardrobe for our bedroom a couple of months ago, but needed to get drawers for it. They were out of stock, but we still had a blast walking around. Sadie likes the “shaky arrows” (aka the lights) on the ground that guide the way through the store πŸ˜‚

Starbucks iced vanilla latte

Oh coffee, how I love thee! This was an iced vanilla latte and it was delightful. We’ve still had fairly warm weather here in Pittsburgh, so iced coffee has been great.

Dot markers and activity book

These dot markers and this activity book are fun… and not just for Sadie. There’s something so satisfying about making a perfect dot, haha.

Coffee and baby bump

Coffee and baby. Can’t wait until he’s here and I can show him, not just my belly. Thank you to Jimmy for letting me borrow all his clothes and thank you to Starbucks for the yummy fall blend K cups keeping me awake!

Hunter rain boots

We were all ready to play in the rain. We had a steady rain all. day. on Friday, but it was in the 60s so Sadie and I went out and she jumped in every puddle we came across. She was completely soaked after a walk around the block but so happy!

Four year old with braided hair

Sader Tot asked me to braid her hair and I gladly said yes! I was shocked in the best way. She usually lets her hair go wild (like mine, lol).

Nespresso coffee and baby bump

Another day, another baby/coffee/Jimmy’s shirt picture. This coffee was a Nespresso pod. I will never get over how smooth and creamy this coffee is!

Black and white Siberian husky sitting on couch

Hello from miss fluffy tail Niva! Her winter coat is beginning to come in and thicken. She used her legs as a headrest. She must do yoga on the regular to be that flexible.

Full rainbow over houses in Pittsburgh

We had a gorgeous rainbow last week! God’s promise never gets old.

Girl wearing homemade felt crown

Sadie and I made a crown using a little craft kit from Joann Fabrics!

Hair cut before and after

Last but not least, I got my hair trimmed! Or maybe I should say cut, because I think the stylist cut off a few inches. I told her to get rid of all the dead ends and she did indeed. I’m never too picky about hair cuts because it’s just hair. It grows back!

What are you up to today?

Do you like getting your hair cut?



  1. I love the arial shot of your belly.

    I’ve never been one to love the pod style coffee, but anytime I stayed at an Air B & B with a Nespresso machine I was blown away by how much I enjoyed the coffee. For the same reasons you said here, it is just SO creamy! Even just the black coffee had an amazing creamy top. I don’t even know how to explain that!

    Haircuts for me are always hit or miss. I have to take them as I get them, even when I go to the same person. Having short hair I tend to have a lot of inconsistency with my cuts, but eventually it grows to a length I enjoy.

  2. Even though it’s almost 9 pm here, your coffee shots have me craving coffee haha.

    Your haircut looks really nice πŸ™‚ I had mine cut recently and the stylist made it a bit shorter than I expected, but I like it and as you say, it soon grows back!

    Today I’ve had a lovely day out with my boyfriend and I bought some new glasses. Well, I picked out the frames and got the measurements done, and my new glasses will be ready in about 3 weeks. I’m excited for a fresh style!

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