Rain boots

Just Some Snapshots

Hi and happy Saturday! I’m just checking in to say hello and share a few pictures from my camera roll. Without further ado, here are the snapshots!

Mom and daughter near Christmas tree at Ikea (more…)

Little things

The little things in life tend to make me happy. If i’m stressed out and worrying non-stop, I just take a second and look around.. the world can be so beautiful. It can also be quite funny; “people watching” is one of my absolute favorite activities! Just go to the mall and watch people, you will never fail to find something interesting-I promise.

Little things that have been making me smile:

Watching my mom and sister play Just Dance 2. Has anyone ever played this?! I am a champ at the song Rasputin hahaha.

Spending time with Jimmy. I see him 2-3x a week and I cherish every moment! In this picture we were on our way to church after a long Sunday of eating, walking Lola, and studying.

Homemade granola & some rice milk in a coffee mug. Wait, you don’t eat cereal from a coffee mug? I eat almost everything from a bowl/mug. Strange.

Doing homework in bed while laying atop my warm heating blanket<3

Lily. Enough said.

I enjoy walking Lola when she doesn’t attack other dogs 😉

Rain boots! Gotta love Pittsburgh in October.


What little things make you happy?

Do you prefer to eat out of bowls or off of plates?!