Family time

More Snapshots from Our Christmas

I blogged all about how we spent the days before and after Christmas, but I wanted to share more pictures.

There were so many sweet moments and memories captured in every photo. I promise to keep this post light on words and heavy on pictures!

Mom with two kids under Christmas tree with husky (more…)


A Quick Visit to West Virginia

I had the biggest craving to make a quick trip out to West Virginia this weekend and we managed to squeeze it in! Wheeling, WV is about 45 minutes from our house, so we left after work on Friday, went out to eat, and then walked around Cabela’s.

Husband and wife driving selfieMom and daughter at Eat n Park

It was so much fun going out to eat as a family! I think it was the third time we’ve done it, so it was special. Sadie is well behaved in public, so I don’t know why we don’t do it more often?!

I guess I like to cook and save money, but it is nice to just relax and let someone else do the cooking and clean up while we enjoy each other’s company 😉 (more…)