Meal Prep

A Minor Flood, Dress Debate, and Lunch Packing

Happy Independence Day! The float Jimmy worked on for the Fourth of July parade our church is in is all ready to go.

He spent a lot of time getting things comfy for the kids to ride on the trailer (it’s going to be hot!), and decorated it well. Nice work, Jimmy!

Fourth of July Float for Parade

I loved seeing the float last night at church–we had an outdoor service and dinner afterwards, which was lovely. We came home to a minor flood in our basement, though! (more…)


Easy Time, Money, and Space-Saving Organization Tips for the Kitchen

I feel like the smallest tweaks and changes in a space can make all the difference in how it functions and feels. We have a small kitchen, and I run a business out of it, so I am constantly looking for ways to make things run more smoothly, optimize our space, and save money.

Here are a few simple ways I have organized our kitchen to save time, space, sanity, and money!

–> Cook at home. We rarely go out to eat and this has saved us a lot of money and also makes going out to eat a special treat! I also make some staple foods myself to save money: granola, bread, soup, and even peanut butter.

–> Buy in bulk (if it makes sense). There are some foods and drinks that we go though consistently, so it makes sense to buy them in large quantities because the price per unit is lower than not purchasing in bulk. A few items we buy in bulk are coffee beans, eggs, flour, juice, honey, croutons, and pancake mix.

Sam's Club Groceries

–> Use cleaning concentrates. I buy a bottle of cleaning concentrate and dilute it myself. This is helpful in saving money and I’m not constantly running out of cleaner. We do a lot of scrubbing around here 😉 Some of my favorite concentrates are this glass cleaner, this disinfectant, and this multi-purpose cleaner. (more…)