Rainy Days, a 5k, and a Night with Sadie

We’ve settled back into normal family life now that Jimmy is home from his trip! All feels right within our little home.

Dad holding two kids

We dove into a week filled with great preaching at our church (we had a revival Sunday-Wednesday!), some rainy days, some warm days, and plenty of fun.

I took the kids to my mom and dad’s house one day and we all hung out. I could have fallen asleep on their swing!

Mom and kids on swing

Any days with warm weather lately have found us outside as much as possible! In the yard, around the neighborhood, and out and about. I took the kids on a little adventure to a creek near our house and Sadie hasn’t stopped talking about it. Love it!

Kids in stroller

Rainy days are cozy, but sometimes we get a little stir crazy. That’s what rain boots and umbrellas are for, right?

Mom walking with kids and dog in rain

I did something I haven’t done since 2020… I ran a 5k! Our town was hosting a 5k and my parents have been running lately so we decided to do the race together!

Girl with parents at 5k race

Being five months postpartum with my second child (who does not sleep at night 😅) and not really training, I wasn’t expecting much in terms of my time but I’m pretty sure I ran my second best 5k time ever!!

My best ever time was 21:50 (7:02 pace) in 2011. My time at yesterday’s race was 22:39 (7:33 pace). Not too shabby and good enough for first place in my age group. I was most happy about this because I could give Sadie my medal! She thought that was pretty cool.

Mom with kids at 5k race

Jimmy, the kids, and even Niva stood along the course to cheer us on and I smiled so hard when I saw them. Definitely put some pep in my step!

We all met up after we finished running and enjoyed coffee and the awards ceremony. It was a great way to start out our Saturday 💜

5k pictures

In the evening, I took Sadie out on a little date! We haven’t been able to spend much one-on-one time together since Mordecai was born, so this was much needed and extra special!

We went shopping, grabbed dinner, and had such a good time. This definitely needs to happen more often. Sadie has done so well with adjusting to a new sibling and is patient, kind, and sweet as can be. She deserves a night out and undivided attention!

Mom and daughter selfie

What did you do this weekend?


Life Lately in Pictures

I’ve got lots of photos that sum up our life lately in this post! There’s been a little bit of everything: play, baking, family time, some sickness, and more.

We were supposed to be leaving for Kentucky today to visit the Creation Museum but both Sadie and Mordecai are sick. Poor Sadie girl has a high fever and both kids are coughing like crazy so we are staying put! While I’m bummed to miss the trip, these pictures of all the good stuff in life lately leave me feeling thankful for all of our blessings 🤗

Mom sitting in church with kids (more…)