A Minor Flood, Dress Debate, and Lunch Packing

Happy Independence Day! The float Jimmy worked on for the Fourth of July parade our church is in is all ready to go.

He spent a lot of time getting things comfy for the kids to ride on the trailer (it’s going to be hot!), and decorated it well. Nice work, Jimmy!

Fourth of July Float for Parade

I loved seeing the float last night at church–we had an outdoor service and dinner afterwards, which was lovely. We came home to a minor flood in our basement, though!

I promise I can’t make this stuff up, but here’s what happened. We keep Niva in our basement when we leave the house so she has her own huge, open space, but isn’t wreaking havoc on the upstairs. Been there, done that.

She often jumps on our washing machine, counters, etc. and last night she jumped into our stationary tub and turned on the faucet!!!! The water ran for who knows how long (we were gone from 5-8:30 pm) and overflowed all over our basement floor.

Thankfully nothing was damaged because the flooring is just cement, but what a sight to come home to, haha. Niva continually keeps us on our toes and I don’t foresee that ever stopping 😂

Okay, let’s talk about my dress debate from Sunday.

Isabel & Ingrid maternity dress

I thrifted a new maternity dress last week and wore it to church yesterday. (Also, I still love my necklace from our trip to Nemacolin 💜)

Jimmy saw me wearing the new dress and here’s how our conversation went:

Jimmy: I like your dress, babe!
Me: Thanks! I thought it was nice to wear for the Fourth of July.
Jimmy: *confused look*
Me: You know, because it’s white and blue?
Jimmy: It’s definitely not blue…

I asked a few people at church whether they thought the stripes were black, blue, or gray and opinions were mixed. What do you think?! Please settle this heated debate for us 😂

Target maternity dress

I told Jimmy I was blogging about this and he said “Are you going to tell everyone how you couldn’t figure out how to set the language on your toothbrush last night?!” True story, my new toothbrush is maybe a bit too techy for me.

I must have accidentally pressed a button to bring me to the settings because I couldn’t turn on the bristles to simply brush my teeth until I set the language to English and I couldn’t figure out how! I eventually solved the problem, but Jimmy got a good laugh at my confusion over a bluetooth toothbrush 🤣

I spent some time making about a month’s worth of freezer sandwiches for Jimmy’s lunches yesterday and it felt wonderful to have that done!

A bunch of sandwiches on white and pumpernickel bread

I kinda wish we had another freezer because I would totally fill that with pre-made lunches, breakfasts, and meals so I don’t have to think about it very often. Am I lazy? Maybe. I like to think of it as prepared 😉

Do you have any meal prep tricks?

What color are the stripes on my dress?!



  1. Hmmm not sure if I like the toothbrudh, dress, or Niva flood story better!
    Love 💕 you!

  2. The 4th of a July float was a huge hit!! It was super comfy and Jimmy truly did an amazing job!
    I can’t believe Niva managed to do that… but wait, it’s Niva… so I do totally believe it!
    I feel like the stripes were a a dark gray- but you know by now how blind I am 🤷‍♀️
    P.s. I never prep meals 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Yay! I agree–he did so well!

      Hahaha about Niva… yep, I totally believe it, too!

      You crack me up with your meal prep (well, lack of). You and Hannah and I are on all ends of the spectrum with that!

  3. These are all great stories!! Haha – Niva definitely keeps you on your toes. And in the photos I would say the dress has charcoal grey stripes, but I’m sure it looks different in person! That is too funny that your toothbrush was not wanting to be set to English. Haha!

  4. Oh goodness, a toothbrush should not be that high tech. I couldn’t handle that, haha!

    In pictures the dress looks like it has charcoal colored stripes. But I could see how it would look more blue in different light in person!

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