Having Siblings and Things That Are Abnormal But Totally Normal For Us

Something rare and wild is happening right now: our house is quiet. Jimmy is off playing paintball, my mom is watching Sadie, and Niva is sleeping on the couch. I just finished a mug of coffee, vacuumed the floors and couches, and scrubbed the bathroom.

Yes, I still have laundry to fold, windows to wipe dog and toddler marks off of, and plenty real estate work to do, but I just wanted to come here and ramble for a bit. So, let’s talk!

Chartiers Creek in Heidelberg in Pittsburgh, PA

The weather is finally beginning to warm up here in good ol’ Pittsburgh and I am here. for. it. Spending time at the park with Sadie, walking Niva without wearing mittens, digging in the garden, and playing in the yard. I just love it.

Toddler standing on top of a turtle structure at a park in Pittsburgh

The first thing I want to ramble about today is something completely random I was thinking about this week: traits I admire in my siblings.

My sister is such a care-taker. She’s so good at being prepared, anticipating everyone’s needs, and then working happily to fulfill them. She’s a registered nurse and I see that aspect of her personality come out in every facet of her life. I can’t tell you how many times she’s lent me diapers, wipes, snacks, etc. in a pinch.

My brother is one of those people who you find yourself wanting to talk to. He’s genuinely interested in listening to what others have to say and he has such a friendly demeanor. He has this side smile that makes me grin just thinking about it. When I had my wisdom teeth removed and developed a dry socket that had to be cleaned out and packed with gauze, it was truly traumatic for me. Like more painful than giving birth, lol.

The second I got home from the oral surgeon’s office I ran straight to my brother and bawled my eyes out while he hugged me in the fiercest brother bear-type hug and just held me there. He’s that kind of person. The kind who will cry with you and hug you after a random oral surgery, you know?

Besides bringing me to church as I grew up and introducing me to my faith, the best gift my parents have ever given me is the gift of siblings.

Onto the next thing I want to ramble about: things that are probably not normal but are totally normal in our house. Case in point: paw prints on top of our washing machine.

Paw prints on top of washing machine

Niva likes to hop into our basement’s stationary tub, get her paws wet and dirty, and then walk on top of the washing machine. Totally normal.

Shooing Niva off of the counters, top of the refrigerator, and kitchen table happens every single day.

The cat and dog sitting on the windowsill just staring at each other? Happens on the regular.

Cat and husky staring at each other

Bribing Sadie to take a bath by giving her a popsicle. We do it every time and call it a “popsicle bath.”

Owning (and actually using!) three coffee makers. If it’s wrong then I don’t want to be right 🤷‍♀️

Let’s see… what else? Taking pictures of Jimmy and Sadie because they’re both wearing joggers? Typical. We love trying to match with Sadie.

Father and daughter wearing joggers

Cleaning up dead birds, moles, and other small animals that Niva hunted and killed is a weekly thing.

Having a full cupboard in our kitchen dedicated to peanut butter. It’s true.

Looking out the kitchen window to see Niva casually sitting on the fire pit is a regular occurrence.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist. We’re a little weird over here. I better end this post before I scare you away. Plus, I have a bunch of stuff to do during my little day off! Bye until next time 👋

If you have siblings, what do you admire about them?

What’s something that is abnormal but totally normal for you?



  1. I admire my sister who has worked 40 hours a week for the past 20 years with adults with special needs. It definitely takes a very gifted person to have the patience and loving kindness to care for grown adults that are unable to care for themselves. Love you sis ♥️
    Our home is definitely very abnormal due to our pets too. We have a yellow lab lap dog who is a little cuddle boy when we are trying to get comfortable in bed—- he literally takes up 1/2 of our queen sized bed, but we never kick him off.
    Our little cocker spaniel is such a sweetie, but she also has a weird daytime sleeping spot- in the back of our couch. We call it the top bunk 😂
    Our cat Lily will walk up to you and randomly start doing ‘prayer paws’ ~ hard to explain but we have had several family visitors who video this event.
    Then, there is our cat Felix— He insists on laying across all of my papers on my desk every time I sit down to work. He knocks stuff down- rubs his head on my touch screen lap top while I’m making important entries in quick books 🤨, and he sits in rent checks I’m trying to process. One day I decided to light a candle while working, just to have a pleasant smell and relaxing vibe. Suddenly I didn’t smell a candle- but something burning… yup, Fe somehow managed to sit a little to close to the candle and burned his butt. I don’t think he even knew it at first- because he just sat there and stared at me. I shooed him away and, well, he was fine, but I have to admit I light a candle every time I want to get any work done~ and it works…

    1. Amen! It truly does take a gifted person to do that work! ❤

      I love your pets and their quirks and habits…. and how they eat meals at the craziest times! And Burn Butt Felix 😂

  2. Niva’s antics made me smile! And I love that you own three coffee makers! What type are they? Have you ever tried a moka pot? I got a stovetop moka pot in March 2020 and it’s been my faithful companion through the months of remote working. I like my coffee strong so it’s perfect for me!

    1. Her antics make me smile… usually after they’re done haha! As for coffee makers, we have a drip coffee maker, a Keurig, and a Nespresso! I have heard of a moka pot but have never tried it! I think they’re affordable, right? I may have to add it to my collection, LOL!

      1. Nice! 🙂 Yes, moka pots aren’t very expensive. I got a Bialetti one and it was about $35. They make coffee which is similar to espresso, which I really like. I’d love a proper home espresso maker but they are super expensive! Maybe one day!

  3. We used to give Ava a popsicle in the bath too! It was so cute because she’d lean on the back of the tub and look so relaxed – like she was winding down at the end of a long day with a bath and a glass of wine. Except it was a popsicle. Haha!

    Your siblings sound like awesome people. It’s wonderful when siblings become friends.

    I’m trying to think of weird stuff we do at our house and I know there are things but because we do them, they all feel normal and I can’t think of a specific example. Ha! I’ll have to pay attention in my day to day and note, “Okay – this is normal for us and only us!”

    1. Haha! I loved that little story about Ava relaxing with a popsicle in the bath. So cute.

      It truly is amazing when siblings become friends. I know it’s not always the case, so I really cherish it 🙂

  4. This is so sweet! I love how much you love your siblings! ❤

    Also, this list is hilarious. Niva and Malcolm on the couch made me laugh! Really all the pet antics are great. And so cute to see Jimmy and Sadie in their joggers! 🙂

    1. Siblings are just the best! The pet antics are always funny… usually after the fact, haha! I love the daddy-daughter matching so much. Makes my heart happy 🙂

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