Currently: July 2022

Excuse me, summertime, can you please slow down? Why does winter get to feel like it lasts sixteen years but summer seems to fly by every year?! Whether I like it or not, it’s already July. Here’s what’s current in my life this month.

Young girl holding a tiger lily

Current books This book on introversion, this novel, and a devotional on the book of Jonah by Daily Grace Co.

Current joy Practicing archery. It’s so much fun to have this hobby back in my life again. I really want to go to a 3D practice range for a date night with Jimmy. So romantic, I know 😉

Current drink Gatorade because it’s hot and I don’t want to be dehydrated. Also, still obsessed with Starbucks iced toasted vanilla oat milk shaken espresso.

Starbucks iced toasted vanilla oat milk shaken espresso

Current baked good I randomly pulled a corn muffin out of the freezer the other day and it hit the spot.

Current win Our clean laundry piled up to an embarrassing point this past week and I *finally* folded and put it all away! I also mowed the yard and took our car to the car wash recently. It felt wonderful to get those little tasks done.

Current fun It’s the Fourth of July as I type up this post and I’m looking forward to seeing fireworks tonight! I’m so glad Sadie isn’t fearful of them like I was as a child and also that they don’t seem to bother our pets. How do your kids/pets feel about fireworks?

Current blessing Everyday life with Jimmy, Sadie, and the pets. I love my little fam so much 💜

Girl laying in grass with Siberian Husky

Current beauty product I have a few! Nicole recommended a Raw Sugar hair mask to me and I picked one up at Target. It’s awesome! I’m also loving this two-step face mask kit. It’s so cool that it’s warming when both steps are combined and it makes my skin super smooth.

Lastly, I’m still enjoying this citrus sugar scrub (I used the other day to scrub mineral sunscreen off of my arms after mowing 😂) and this cuticle exfoliant.

Current excitement We’re going to a wedding this month! Jimmy is the DJ, I’m baking the cake and cupcakes, and we are super excited to celebrate the bride and groom 💕

Current cuteness Holding hands/paws with Malcolm the other morning. He was laying near me and his arm was stretched out, so I held his paw for a bit and it was so sweet!

Girl holding black cat's paw

Current maternity product Comfy over-the-belly shorts. I am constantly washing these so I have a pair to wear at all times!

Current goal Planning out the rest of 2022! I know we have a wedding, my sister is having a baby in September, and we’re having a baby in November, Lord Willing! I want to sit down and write out tasks that need to be done and things I want to focus on as we go through the next couple of months!

Current laugh I have two! My sister found Sadie a brand new Easy Bake Oven for $10(!!) on Facebook Marketplace and my dad picked it up because he was in the the town it was located in for work. He gave us the oven and here’s how our conversation went.

Sadie: Why did Pap Pap get me an oven?
Me: Because he loves you!
Sadie: I think him is hungry.

Easy bake oven

The next current laugh is a text from my sister about middle-of-the-night pregnancy calf cramps! I mentioned them in this post and she had a bunch that night 🙈 Sorry, Han!!

Text about pregnancy calf cramps

Current food Sadie and I recently made pretzel bites with her Easy Bake Oven and they were actually really good! I can’t resist a warm pretzel bite 😊

Current craving Barbecue pulled pork. I feel like this is another low iron craving of mine and much more acceptable than wanting to eat dishwasher pods!

Current pet product Okay, if you own a cat or a dog that sheds or even know someone that has a pet that sheds, you have to try this lint roller! It’s a reusable pet hair remover for furniture, bedding, carpets, cars, etc. and it works so well. I was vacuuming our couches every single day and it was a pain. #Huskylife

I saw this lint roller on Amazon and had literally never seen something with so many good reviews (over 112,000!) and decided to give it a try. All you do is roll it back and forth over a surface and the pet hair collects in a compartment. You pop it open, empty the hair into the garbage, and can reuse it again. No sticky lint rollers or vacuuming required!

ChomChom Pet Hair Roller

Current need More time in the day! There’s so much I want and need to do every day and I fall short constantly. Maybe I don’t need more time, just more grace with myself and lower expectations 😇

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What’s current in your life?



  1. Wow a new easy bake oven for $10?? What a steal! Its amazing what kind of bargains are out there when you don’t buy retail!

    I love it when I can get new stuff when I thrift for clothes lol

    1. I was shooketh over the price of the easy bake oven!! So true about what’s out there if you’re looking! I have found some awesome stuff on Poshmark (like a new Chi hair straightener for $40!) the past couple of years!

  2. I gave my sister that lint/hair roller for Christmas last year – I’ll have to ask if she likes it. It seemed to have a cult following based on the reviews! Pregnancy charlie horses are the worst!!! I hope you don’t have many more and that your sister avoids them too.

  3. Aww, an easy bake oven! So fun!

    Also, so glad that fireworks are disturbing for Sadie or your pets! Oreo is deaf now so they don’t bother him anymore, but they used to scare him when he could still hear.

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