Currently: April 2023

Hello and happy April! It’s hard to believe we’re four months into 2023. April is always a mixed bag with the weather here in Pittsburgh. So far, we’ve had some warm, sunny days. I’m wondering what the rest of this month will hold weather-wise!

Mom holding baby boy

I’m looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and hopefully enjoying lots of time outside! Here’s what’s current in my life this month.

Current books So many! Loving God with All Your MindDeaf Utopia, Delivery, Grace Upon Grace, His Needs, Her Needs, and Sadie and I just finished reading her Beginner’s Bible!

Current laugh We had my niece over to play last week and she had a hamburger for dinner. Afterwards, I gave her a gummy hamburger (a Krabby Patty!) and her mind was blown. My sister said she kept talking about eating a candy hamburger at our house so I went on Amazon and sent some to their house. My sister texted me and was like “Did you send us Krabby Patties???” haha. Add that to the list of things she never thought she’d ask me 😂

Current joy Sunny, warm weather! My soul is so happy when it’s warm enough to play outside without multiple layers of clothing.

Family sitting outside together

Current blessing The marriage class Jimmy and I are taking at our church. It has been awesome to work on strengthening our relationship. I can’t believe we’re going on nine years of marriage in June!

Current food I made caramelized pancetta to top a salad recently and man is it good!

Current cuteness Sadie and her cousin Caroline walking together in our neighborhood. I can still remember being super excited when my sister found out she was pregnant with a girl. Now Sadie and Caroline are truly each other’s best friends and it makes me so happy!

Two toddler girls walking

Current drink Nespresso pods and the occasional Starbucks trip as a treat!

Current beauty product This foaming facial cleanser. My face feels squeaky clean after using it!

Current baked good Peanut butter pretzel chocolate chip cookies. I need to share the recipe for them because they’re always a hit. They’re sweet and salty and pure joy. I also made banana Nutella muffins with ripe bananas we had hanging out on the counter.

Banana nutella muffins

Current kid products Really loving the Bumbo seat for Mordecai and Sadie has been using this kid-friendly version of the classic Ticonderoga pencil when we do her school lessons.

Current excitement Lots of things coming up: my friend is having a baby next month, my sister-in-law is due with her third daughter in July, we’re traveling to the Outer Banks in June, and we are going to reschedule our missed trip to the Creation Museum!

Current fun Little adventures with the kids: going to the park, pet store, etc.!

Young girl standing on retaining wall

Current craving A date with Jimmy! I think I say this every month 😂

Current pet product Almost a year later and I still love and use this every single day.

Current goal Getting some warm weather clothes for the kids. A pair of sandals, a couple of t-shirts, and skirts for Sadie and a few rompers and a sun hat for Mordecai.

Current obsession Perfecting a cookie recipe! Jimmy asked me to make chocolate chunk cookies with Sarris chocolate, so I’ve been working on that. It’s always fun for me to play around in the kitchen.

Baby boy holding Sarris chocolate

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What’s current in your life this month?



  1. Love ❤️ the pic of the girls walking holding hands 😌

    Mordecai keeps getting bigger and bigger and so fast it seems like!

    Love 💕 You!

  2. Love all the pics- sometimes the ones from behind are the sweetest. Mordecai does love his little seat!!
    Right now I’m just doing some organizing and purging of old stuff! Even without children in the house anymore I still manage to accumulate random stuff!
    Love you!!

  3. Love the pics and smiling faces!! 🙂 I am SO happy that spring and warmer weather is here. Winter was long…. but the sunshine has returned! 🙂

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