Currently: April 2021

Is it really already April?! Here’s what’s currently going on in my life this month!

Girl holding husky like a child

Current book Just finished Life After Darkness by Michelle Knight which was pretty heavy but also very inspiring. I’m nearing the end of #DoNotDisturb by Jedediah Bila and plan on starting this memoir next!

Current mood Chill. Content. Happy. Feeling very blessed!

Current drink It was warm in Pittsburgh earlier this week so I had a Sparkling Ice lemonade and it hit the spot!

Current food Cotton candy grapes. Have you ever tried them? They really do taste like cotton candy and it surprises me every. single. time. 😂

Cotton candy grapes

Current laugh This conversation I had with Sadie:

Sadie: Mom, I want a snack now.

Me: Can you say that nicely?

Sadie: Nicely.

Current baked good I know you’re not supposed to eat raw cookie dough, buuut I made chocolate chip cookie dough a few nights ago and was too tired to bake the cookies so I froze the dough into balls and have been eating frozen cookie dough balls on the daily and they’re so good!

Current cuteness Jimmy and Sadie working together on our mantle and fireplace project.

Father and daughter working together

Current excitement We’re planning a neighborhood husky meetup in our yard soon and I’m ridiculously excited 😛

Current craving I’ve randomly been watching a lot of gymnastics videos on YouTube and it has me wanting to get back into gymnastics so badly. I was at the park with Sadie recently and we were all alone so I tried to do a side ariel and totally had a headache for the rest of the day from all of the bouncing around. I don’t know how I used to do stuff like that on the regular 😆

Current beauty product This hydrating serum is awesome.

Current blessing My nephew is doing well! He is just so precious 😍

Newborn baby boy in white onesie

Current prayer Always praying for a mission we support, Ninos De Mexico! They are doing some amazing things for children in Mexico ❤️

Current joy I planted arugula seeds in a seed starting tray on our windowsill a few days ago and they have started to sprout. I caught sight of myself in the reflection of the window when I first noticed and I was smiling so hard. Gardening is pure joy for me.

Current fun Just being outside as much as possible when the weather permits!

Current obsession This adorable coffee mug my mom bought me. Black cats + coffee = the perfect way to start the day.

Black cat coffee mug by Mildred and Lily

A look back:

What’s current in your life this month?

Do you have a favorite coffee mug?



  1. I can just see Sadie saying “Nicely” , you laughing, and her laughing harder with that big smile and hands talking too!

    Love ❤️ You!

  2. I’m currently trying to get our house in order to put on the market! The housing market is going crazy right now, and it’s definitely the time to sell to get top dollar. I guess time will tell.
    I have so many favorite coffee mugs 😂. Any that my children have ever given to me as a gift are always special to me.

    1. Ahh, so wild you guys could be moving soon! I can’t believe how crazy the market has been since COVID.

      I love that some of your favorite coffee mugs are from us kids!

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