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Toddlers sitting in a box watching TV

Family Lowes Trips, Sickness, and a Sleepover

I’m pretty sure Lowes is our family’s happy place in terms of stores. Jimmy dreads when I drag him into Hobby Lobby and I’d rather not visit the car parts store, but Lowes? We can do Lowes.

Sadie loves the car shopping carts, Niva gets attention from shoppers and treats from cashiers, and Jimmy and I enjoy dreaming of home projects while we wander the aisles.

Dog at Lowes

No car shopping cart this time, but Sadie was still a happy camper and kept saying “Hey!” to people in the aisles.

I am definitely a big fan of the garden area, while Jimmy prefers gazing longingly at the power tools. Niva likes the checkout because of the aforementioned treats 😉 Do you enjoy home improvement stores or are they totally boring to you?

Sadie and I caught a cold over the weekend and the poor gal had fever after fever. We gave her some of this medicine and let her watch more television than we normally do, mostly to keep her resting instead of running all over the place like usual.

We missed church on Sunday morning and my dad texted me this photo.

Cufflink made from ship

It was so sweet that he was checking in on us and I was super happy to see him wearing the cufflinks I bought him for Father’s Day a few years ago. They have a cool story behind them.

My dad served in the U.S. Navy and lived and worked on a nuclear submarine, the USS Bergall. I found cufflinks (in this Etsy shop) made from maple off of the submarine he was on and he was so happy to have a piece of his history to be able to wear.

This post is just full of random tangents, so onto the next one! Sadie, Niva, and I joined my sister, her dog, and daughter for a little sleepover at my parents’ house and it was the best kind of chaos.

Husky on bunk bed with toddlers

Toddlers sitting in a box watching TV

Two toddlers, four adults, and four dogs all in one house is so much fun. Seeing Sadie and Caroline spending time together is precious and it’s also nice that they entertain each other.

I’m was able to sneak in a bit of real estate work (and blogging!) while they played the day away. The fact that our sleepover tired Niva out is just icing on the cake 😉

Husky sleeping on couch

Are there any stores that your whole family enjoys going to?

The Bathroom Renovation

I am finally posting about our bathroom renovation! It has been officially complete for a few months now, I just didn’t take the time to photograph and write about it. So here I am!

Since it has been quite some time since I last talked about the bathroom renovation, I’ll give a quick overview. When Jimmy and I moved into our house, our bathroom was stuck in the 70s… maybe even the 50s. Think dated tile floors, beige tile backsplash, old rotted vanity, and more.

In June 2016, I went to Savannah, GA with my mom for about a week. When I came home, Jimmy had begun the bathroom renovation as a surprise for my birthday.

Over the next few months, Jimmy, his dad, and I picked away at the project. They installed new fixtures (the only thing that stayed the same was the shower) and I helped paint and decorate! It was a huge undertaking, but now that it’s done, we are so glad we did it! It feels like a completely different room. I wish I had “before” pictures to show!

Here is what our bathroom looks like now.

Purple gray and green bathroom renovation cat toilet paper holder Be awesome sign Modern bathroom vanity Stainless steel bathroom faucet Marble bathroom counter Gray woodgrain tile wood floor in bathroom

If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!