Our Thanksgiving Weekend 2021

Hi! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was filled with good food, great company, and lots of joy! We had a full and fun Thanksgiving weekend this year 😊

Dad and toddler playing with train set on floor

Sadie and I pulled out the Christmas decorations on Wednesday, before the holiday festivities started. Her excitement was through. the. roof. and it was absolutely adorable seeing her run around the house and rearrange all the decor and rediscover it from last Christmas. I was also pet sitting that day, so we had dogs running around the house with garland in their mouths. Never a dull moment around here!

Sadie wanted to surprise Jimmy with the house being decorated when he got home from work and the second he walked in the door she was like “Close you’s eyes Daddy!” and it was precious watching her show him *every single thing* we put out 🥰


We woke up on Thanksgiving and made a big breakfast of pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, and eggs! Jimmy worked on our fireplace (it’s almost finished!) and Sadie and I went to the grocery store, returned library books, and went to the car wash.

I also baked a challah bread basket and we had a relaxed day around the house❤️

Challah bread basket

We went to Jimmy’s sister’s house after Sadie woke up from her nap. We ate a delicious turkey dinner, played with my sister-in-law’s cat, and Sadie enjoyed alllll the attention from the adults.

My sister-in-law’s cat is a Savannah cat and she’s huge! Totally wild, too. Her name is Nala 🙂

Guy playing with F1 Savannah Cat

We brought my brother-in-law’s puppy, Peach, home because my brother-in-law was going away for the weekend. Thankfully everyone slept well that night 😂


I had a few Etsy orders to make, package, and ship. Once I did that, the dogs were loaded up (Niva and Peach) and we were off to my sister’s house!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving leftovers, Hannah and I took the girls to the library, and Jimmy and my brother-in-law scoped out a hunting spot for Saturday.

Mom reading to toddlers at the library

Jimmy and Sadie slept over my sister’s house, and I took the dogs home (because I had to pet sit more dogs the next morning 😂).


I woke up bright and early to the cutest little whining from Peach. She was ready to start the day and play with Niva!

Black lab mix puppy curled up in a ball to rest on floor

I worked on some Etsy orders while the pups played and then my father-in-law picked Peach up because I had to pet sit our friend’s dogs. I have to say, Niva was quite the social butterfly this weekend 🦋

Three Siberian huskies in kitchen

This weekend felt like the days when I pet sat full-time and would be most busy during the holidays and would sometimes have to miss out on things. It’s just part of the gig!

Thor and Zeus (our friend’s dogs, lol) came over in the early afternoon while Jimmy and Sadie met my family at Phipps Conservatory. Hunting was a bust for Jimmy and my brother-in-law that morning, but they had fun checking out all the flowers and Christmas decor at Phipps!

Toddler girl looking at holiday flower show display at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA

We had a relaxed evening after Sadie and Jimmy arrived home! The dogs ran around, we caught up around the house, and even had a movie night. I love when we push the couches together, cuddle, and enjoy snacks while watching a movie.

We watched The Star, which is a faith-based animated Christmas movie for kids. Jimmy and I have seen it before (and loved it!) so we thought Sadie would enjoy it, too. She was cracking up and seemed to enjoy it. We didn’t finish it, but plan to let her watch the rest today!

Family sitting on couch selfie

Aaaaand that brings us to today, Sunday! I woke up way too early (our cat, Malcolm, was a wild guy in our bed and was walking on me until I just gave up trying to sleep and got up at like 3:30 😴). We plan on going to church today and maybe putting up Christmas lights outside!

How was your weekend? Tell me all about it!



  1. Ah, what a fun (and pet filled) Thanksgiving! I love that Sadie wanted to show off every single little decoration that you all had put up! So sweet. ❤

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