Cupcakes, Cornucopias, and Husky Fun

The title of this post kinda sums up my life lately! I’ve been in cupcake and challah cornucopia baking land for about a week and have been enjoying every moment of that 😊

Challah bread cornucopia

I had a fun cupcake order for an engagement celebration! I was asked to make chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with raspberry filling and buttercream icing in the colors of the couple’s future wedding. I thought they had great taste because we had blue in our wedding, too 😉

I have really enjoyed baking and decorating cupcakes lately. It’s such a fun process to go from the idea to the finished product! 

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes filled with raspberry filling and topped with light blue and dark blue buttercream and silver and white sprinkles

Along with all sorts of baking, we had some fun with our husky friends over the weekend. I have to say, my social life has been abundantly enriched by dogs! I’ve made some of my best friends through my dogs over the years and I feel so blessed by that ❤️

It’s crazy to think that I genuinely wouldn’t know certain people that are a big part of my life if it weren’t for our fur children. God works in amazing ways, you know?

We went over our friends Sai and Divya’s house on Saturday night and baked homemade dog treats, played with Sadie, and watched Thor, Zeus, and Niva run around like the hyper huskies that they are 😬

Three Siberian huskies waiting for a treat

Can you believe we’re just a couple of days away from Thanksgiving? I’m so excited! I want to hear about your plans for the holiday!

What have you been up to lately?

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year?



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