Currently: April 2022

It’s month four of 2022! Here’s to hoping this month brings warm weather and lots of sunshine ☀️ As always, here’s what’s current in my life this month!

Family photo of mom and dad with toddler

Current book I just started The Cost of My Faith, which is about a big thing that happened with a cake shop a few years back and the media covered it extensively. It looked interesting and I wondered what ended up happening with the court case, soo I had to grab it!

Current music The Encanto soundtrack. Sadie loves the movie, so we pretty much listen to it on repeat anytime we’re in the car. I actually love the soundtrack too, so I don’t mind too much 😉

Current food Kimchi jjigae. It has been years since I last had Korean food. Kimchi jjigae is a soup made with tofu, pork, and kimchi. It’s my absolute fave!

Korean kimchi jjgae soup

Even Niva wanted some soup 🍜

Jimmy loves spicy ramen and it hit the spot for him when he was sick so we had it last week. We enjoyed it so much that we had it again this week and agreed it just needs to be a weekly thing.

Get this… Sadie even ate Korean potato and veggie pancakes and loved them! We were shocked in the very best way 😂

Toddler girl eating Korean potato pancakes with chopsticks

I think the novelty of chopsticks helped, too!

Current excitement My sister has her anatomy scan later this month! So excited to see more pictures of her sweet baby and find out if it’s a boy or a girl 👶🏼

Current baked good I recently made chocolate banana muffins and I’m kind of addicted to them. Also, Etsy orders have had me baking these cookies! They’re so bright and happy 😊

Current laugh I have two! First: Jimmy was recently watching The Chronicles of Narnia movie and saw the White Witch and was like YOU LOOK LIKE HER. And you know what…. I kind of do 😂

Second: Sadie put her dolphin necklace on me the other day and I forgot about it and wore it out in public. I’m a cool mom, right?

Mom accidentally wearing child's dolphin necklace

Current joy This is going to sound silly… but I starting delivering Instacart orders again here and there and it’s bringing me joy. It’s such an easy and flexible way to earn extra money and I really enjoy it!

Current fun My siblings, our spouses, and kids all went to my mom and dad’s house to celebrate my mom’s birthday on Monday. We ordered in Italian food (because we didn’t want to bring five kids age three and under inside a restaurant 😂) and it was such a great evening together!

Current cuteness All the grandkids hanging out at my mom and dad’s house. And trying to get a picture of them, LOL.


Current craving A date night with Jimmy ❤️

Current beauty product This leave-in conditioner works wonders on my wild hair.

Current blessing We got a new kitchen table! I repeat: we got a new kitchen table! Wednesday night was the first night ever that we could all sit at the table for dinner. Our old table only had two chairs, so having space for everyone feels downright luxurious 🥰

Current drink I’m all over the board with coffee lately! First thing in the morning, I’ve been enjoying an iced coffee with flavored syrup. Mid-morning, I am all about a warm vanilla latte!

Starbucks soy vanilla latte

Current mood Tired!

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What’s current in your life this month?



  1. I love that you deliver for Instacart!! I have been thinking about doing something like that in my free time, I just need to figure out how to get started.

    “We don’t talk about Bruno” has been in my head for months, and I am not mad about it.

    1. Yes! Highly recommend! I think you can download the Instacart shopper app and then they will send you a credit card and then you go from there!! It’s such a fun/easy way to earn extra money in a flexible way 🙂

      Yaaaas! We love that song! And “Surface Pressure!”

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