Currently: April 2022

It’s month four of 2022! Here’s to hoping this month brings warm weather and lots of sunshine ☀️ As always, here’s what’s current in my life this month!

Family photo of mom and dad with toddler (more…)

Food and three randoms!

Time to share some good eats I’ve had lately 😀

Breakfast for dinner is probably my favorite dinner.

Peanut butter and jelly is probably my favorite lunch. Gotta live up to my Twitter name: @heypbj. Yep, back in 2009 I made my Twitter name based off of my favorite lunch. Maybe I was hungry at the time?

Eggs are tasty

Apple + peanut butter 🙂


Now for some RANDOM pictures!

I cleaned my room a little bit the other day and it was just time to let go of some OLD caps, goggles, and worn out suits that I don’t use/are unusable. Felt good.

I found this picture of my parents with my brother. I think this was 1988? Crazy! This is a present-day picture of the rents ❤


Anyways… I’m back to school on Monday. Oh golly! I am starting to gather together my books, binders, folders, etc. It is exciting and scary all at the same time 😉

Have a great day!