peanut butter and jelly

Laugh It Off

I wanted to make lunch special for Sadie yesterday. I decided we would eat outside and made her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crusts taken off. Fancy, I know ­čśë

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with crusts taken off

I set up her booster seat and gave her the sandwich. She took a bite and wanted a drink, so I ran inside to get her a cup of water. When I went inside, Niva stole the sandwich right off of Sadie’s plate.

I gave Sadie her drink and took Niva inside. While I took her inside, Sadie purposefully poured the water all over herself.┬áSo, that was our lunch experience yesterday, lol. If I’ve learned anything as a parent, it’s that laughter is so important.

Another laughable moment? Sadie slept in yesterday morning, so I vacuumed our basement stairs for the first time in months. Later on, Malcolm knocked a glass container of dog treats down the stairs. Glass and treats everywhere. So, the stairs were cleaned twice in one day. Laugh it off ­čÖé

Toddler sitting in chair with yellow dress on and bowl in lap to help with cooking and baking

Truth be told, yesterday was a great day.

Sadie and I did some cooking and baking together. We made double chocolate cookies and cooled them in our bedroom with the door shut to keep them safe from a certain someone, as usual.

Double chocolate cookies

I harvested a few green peppers and jalape├▒os from our garden and made stuffed peppers.

I usually use this recipe, but decided I was feeling spicy, so I added red pepper flakes, hot jalape├▒o and habanero jack cheese, and of course fresh jalape├▒os!

Stuffed peppers

In the evening, my mom helped me teach the toddler class at church and I got to laugh some more. She has two pairs of the same flip flops and left for church in a rush.

She accidentally wore two left-footed flip flops!

Two left feet

When was the last time you had to laugh something off?

Marching into spring

I feel like I just posted about winter’s arrival, and now spring begins this month. Technically the meteorological spring began on March 1st, but most people consider the astronomical March equinox, which begins on the 20th, to be the official start of spring.

Enough of my nerdy weather research, though. I am ready for this new season! Not that winter has been particularly bad in Pittsburgh this year. I just love a fresh start.


To me, spring symbolizes growth, and growth is a wonderful thing. I’ve been working hard on my goal of knowing what I value and keeping my priorities straight. Along the way, I’ve been learning a lot and having fun. A win-win in my book.

I’m learning that most of the choices we make in life aren’t between good and bad, but between good and great. I am trying to choose great every day. When I focus on what’s truly important, I feel a sense of purpose and true joy. I feel closer to God when I am being who He created me to be.

Looking forward to this new season, I want to continue to serve, grow, and learn. Here are some things I’ve learned lately…

Mountain Pie Date

Mountain pies are delicious. Have you ever had or heard of a mountain pie? Basically, you make a sandwich (I made peanut butter and jelly), put it in a mountain pie maker, and stick it in a campfire. A few minutes later, you have a melty, warm sandwich!

While mountain pies and campfires are lovely, spending time with Jimmy is what really fills me up. We ate our mountain pie dinner outside and then went to the movie theater to see Zootopia on Saturday. The movie was great, and I was so glad I got to have a date night with Jimmy. We like to stay busy, but the times when we just relax and hang out really strengthen our relationship.

Windowsill learning

Learning┬ásomething new is gratifying. Jimmy has been making the windowsills and trim for our house and I’ve been helping as much as possible. He taught me to use a sander, and I’ve been painting like crazy. I really enjoy learning how to use tools to create things. The work we do together on our house is something I will remember and cherish forever.

family 1

Time spent with family is time well spent. It’s not always easy to get together with family when everyone has busy schedules and lives in different areas. When we do see each other, though, it’s the best. Being there for my family and knowing they are always there for me is one of the biggest blessings in my life.


Dogs make everything better. No matter what kind of day I’m having, it always gets better when I spend it with Lola or a dog I’m pet sitting. I would love to do something full-time with dogs for work one day. Ultimately, I think I’d enjoy running a kennel, but you never know! We’ll see what God has in store for me. There are so many things I want to do, but I’m leaving it all up to God and prayerfully following where He leads.


Taking time to soak in a beautiful sunset reminds me that God is so good. The sun rises and sets every day, and we can count on God every day.

Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. Psalm 90:2

As we march forward into spring (get it, March… ;)), I am looking forward to many things. Getting outside as much as possible, hearing rain, starting a garden, more sunlight, and another season to grow, serve, and love.

What do you love about spring?