Six Weeks as a Mom

Sadie is six weeks old! I’ve been jotting down thoughts as they come to me, and here’s what I think of being a mom six weeks in.

The past six weeks have been the fastest of my life.

I love being Sadie’s mom, but I don’t really feel like a mom. What does that feel like? Will I know when I feel it?

Sometimes when Sadie cries, I’m the only person she’ll stop crying for. This is adorable and also overwhelming.

Seeing the joy that Sadie brings to our family and friends makes me so happy.

I knew breastfeeding would be a big learning curve, but the first few weeks were intense. We had some issues with clogged ducts, thrush, and engorgement. We pushed through, though, and I’m so glad we did.

It has been a big adjustment to realize that for now, I’m Sadie’s source of food 24/7 because she’s not a fan of bottles. Knowing that she won’t be breastfeeding around the clock when she’s in high school (or even a year from now haha) helps me realize that this time of nursing on demand is just a season and should be savored. I love when she locks eyes with me and rests her little hand on my chest.

Seeing Jimmy and Sadie interact is still one of my favorite things.

I feel so connected with other parents. Also, anyone with more than one child is a superhero. How do they do it all?!

I’m insanely excited for my sister to experience this.

We’re slowly getting better at getting out of the house and going places. Baby carriers are worth their weight in gold!

While we’re getting better at getting out, we don’t really have any type of schedule right now and I’m (usually, haha) totally okay with that.

I’m surprised at how much I don’t mind changing diaper after diaper… for now? I’ve always heard that when it’s your child’s diaper you’re changing, it’s not so bad. I’ve found that to be true!

I miss being as productive as I used to be. At the same time, being a parent and fulfilling the needs of our child is one the best things I’ve ever done.

The witching hour is real. I’d say it’s actually more witching hours for us. It’s hard and sometimes we both cry.

Bath time is the best! She gets so calm and curious. I love, love, love it.

I think I’m going to become ambidextrous. Sadie always wants to nurse when I eat, so I’ve learned to eat with one hand/left handed/balancing a plate on the couch/standing at the counter/etc.

It’s so true when people tell you that holidays become more special when you have a child. I’m crazy excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!

The worry that comes with motherhood can be all consuming. Is she breathing? Does she have a fever? Will she grow up to be a decent human being? I’m learning to trust that God is in control.

Our pets have truly adjusted so well. It’s like a switch flipped and they realized there’s a new little human they need to respect. We still have days that are overwhelming and frustrating, but that’s to be expected.

I love dressing her up, but I think she’s the cutest in her pjs!

It has been strangely fun to discover which baby products we like.

Seeing Jimmy become a father has been absolutely amazing.

Sadie’s smiles melt my heart. I’ll do anything to make her smile.

My life feels so radically different than it did six weeks ago. It’s such a huge change, but one of the best changes of my entire life.

I still can’t believe God blessed Jimmy and I with our daughter. Like, she’s real. And she’s amazing. And we love her so much. It’s just indescribable and we are so incredibly thankful.