Snapshots of Life Lately

Okay, snapshots of life lately are going to look a little different than the last snapshots post! We have a new family member and I haven’t left the house much so there’s a lot of cuddling going on around here 😬

Dad holding newborn with cat on his lap

A prime example of mornings over here! Coffee and snuggles in bed have been the best. I think this needs to extend beyond the newborn phase because it’s so cozy.

Mom with newborn and daughter

I have two kids. Is this even real? I am tearing up as I type this (#postpartumhormones). I can’t believe God blessed Jimmy and I with two souls to raise in Him, care for, enjoy, and love.

Girl on swing in snow

We got our first little snow! Sadie was very excited and Jimmy started checking the radar for any upcoming snow storms and she was intensely curious about what a snow storm is, where it comes from, and how it’s made.

Mom and dad have some snow storm research to do before we get back to her, haha. I dropped meteorology in college and now I’m regretting it πŸ˜‚

Mom using computer with newborn on her lap

This is what blogging looks like nowadays for me! Thank you to everyone who has been commenting (and texting, emailing, etc.). I read every single comment and absolutely love getting them. I promise to reply! It may take me until July, but I will 😊

Sister holding newborn brother's hand on play mat

These two! I have a feeling they’re going to be best buds and partners in crime before I know it.

Big sister holding newborn little brother on her chest in bed

See what I mean about morning snuggles in bed? It needs to be a daily thing!

Sister and newborn brother sleeping in bed

Sadie’s nightly story time has been taken to a new level. She has a buddy to lay next to her while she listens to mom or dad read. This book has been a huge hit because it involves the use of a flashlight!

Dad with daughter and newborn son on couch

My favorite people. My mom got Mordecai the little outfit he’s wearing. It says “new to the Zottola crew” and it’s too cute! Maybe it should have said “new to the Zottola Zoo” because it’s definitely a zoo around here!

Dad holding newborn son

Just some father and son bonding πŸ–€

Dad holding newborn in a box with four year old

I went to pick up groceries and coffee while Jimmy and Sadie set up the Christmas tree. They reported that the box was half the fun!

Four year old hanging ornaments on Christmas tree

Sadie enjoyed hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree! She and Jimmy are both particular about ornament arrangement, so they were very *into* this activity. It reminded me of how they are both particular about gingerbread house decorating, too!

Newborn baby sleeping

Precious little guy. Can’t believe he’s here! And real. And so sweet!

Living room decorated for Christmas

Our living room all decorated! Plus Niva wondering what Jimmy was taking a picture of. Aaaand me, Sadie, and Mordecai sharing the couch while we filmed this vlog.

Girl and husky laying on couch

These two are the definition of lounging.

Baby boy smiling in his sleep

His little sleep smile has me excited for the real deal smiles he will give us in the future 😍

Big sister reading to baby brother

My heart pretty much exploded when Sadie randomly grabbed a book to read to her little brother! She chose this one about Jonah and the big fish. I thought it would have been apt if she picked this one since his name is all throughout. Next time πŸ˜‰

Girl playing with Melissa and Doug Nativity set

Last but not least, Sadie and I have been playing with her nativity set! I bought it in the summer and tucked it away with the Christmas decor. So glad I did that because it was like a brand new toy for her and has been a lot of fun for Sader Tot to act out the story of Jesus’ birth as I read it. It’s such a special time of year ❀️

Well, that brings us to today… Monday. It’s my first day alone with both kids because Jimmy is officially back to work. He is sorely missed around here!

It’s afternoon as I finish typing up this post and things are going well so far. Mordecai has his circumcision tonight, and I’m not looking forward to that. It’s kind of a crazy story about the circumcision situation (supply chain issues! birth centers don’t do them! Insurance struggles! etc.!), so I’ll have to share that wild tale next time.

Hope your week is off to a great start!



  1. Hi Allie,
    Congratulations on the birth of Mordecai! πŸ™

    I do enjoy reading your vlog and seeing pictures of your precious family!

    Enjoy each day with your sweet babies!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Karen Mastroianni

  2. Aww so many sweet photos in this post ❀ It looks like late autumn / winter is the ideal time to have a newborn because it's the time of year to hibernate and 'draw in' with the shorter days, perfect for snuggles on the sofa.

    I didn't realise that non-Jewish or non-Muslim families did circumcision. In the UK, it's usually carried out for religious reasons unless there's a specific medical need.

  3. Love the first photo with the trio including Malcolm. What adorable photos throughout! Sadie and Mordecai are surely going to be best pals, how adorable are they laying together!? I don’t want kids, but when I see photos like those my ovaries shake a little. LOL

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