A Staycation and a Surprise

Jimmy took off of work on Thursday and Friday last week and it was so wonderful to have some extra time together as a family!

With Jimmy being a co-owner of his family’s business, work never actually stops. It’s just part of the package deal of business ownership, you know? He had to quickly run into work early (like 6 am) on Thursday, took phone calls throughout the day, and had to pick up one of his employees from the hospital (😱) but we made the best of it all!

I grabbed us all Starbucks once he got home and we made our way to a local mall in the afternoon.

Starbucks Reindeer Cake Pop

Sadie loved running around the play area while we sat and watched her. It was such a simple moment but so sweet ❤️

Toddler girl at mall play area in Pittsburgh, PA

We made a gingerbread village in the evening! I feel like people’s true personalities come through when making things like gingerbread houses 😂

Sadie was all about eating the candy and making her house bright. That’s her personality! Jimmy was ~into~ the design process and his came out perfect. I was happy to make one and then clean up all the candy off of the floor 😆

Toddler girl making gingerbread house

Friday morning was spent working on Christmas cards for my family’s real estate brokerage. Better late then never, right?!

My parents showed up at our door mid-morning and I kind of panicked. They’re not the type to just show up at our house, especially since they live about 45 minutes away. I was sure someone we love had gotten seriously hurt or died and they came to tell us in person.

Instead, they came to pick up Sadie and take her to their house for a sleepover because Jimmy had a surprise evening planned for us! Whew. Heart attack averted!

Jimmy told me he booked us a hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh and that we were going to get some dinner and walk around the Market Square Holiday Market before staying in the city for the night! What a thoughtful surprise ❤️

Market Square in Downtown Pittsburgh during People's Gas Holiday Market

We grabbed some sesame chicken and sushi for dinner and then made our way downtown. It was awesome only having a 10-15 minute drive from our house to get “away!” We checked into our hotel, walked around the holiday market, and watched people ice skate around a huge Christmas tree at PPG Place.

It was actually a really nice night weather-wise! It was brisk, but clear and in the 40s. Pretty warm for Pittsburgh in December 😉

Couple standing in front of lighted ball Christmas tree at Market Square in Downtown Pittsburgh during Holiday MarketIce rink at PPG Place in Downtown Pittsburgh

We had such a nice time listening to live holiday jazz music, checking out the German and Pittsburgh-themed vendors at the market, and watching the Christmas tree lights change colors.

Afterwards, we walked back to our hotel and enjoyed not having to put Sadie down to sleep (any other parents out there feel like a child’s stall tactics are *on point* at bed time?! 😂).

In the morning we ordered room service breakfast and enjoyed the view of the city.

Breakfast at Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA

Sitting on couch drinking coffee in suite at Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

We packed up after breakfast and headed to my parents’ house to pick up Sader Tot! What a lovely staycation and surprise. It was perfect and such a nice time 🥰

Where was the last place you traveled to?

Do you enjoy staycations?



  1. Jimmy is the sweetest! I’m so glad we were able to keep it from you so you truly were surprised. That pic of the city from above – you should definitely get that printed and framed!! GORGEOUS! It would be so pretty to put up each Christmas to remember your special time!
    Pap Pap, Yaya and Sadie had a great sleep over!

  2. What a lovely surprise! It sounds like you had a very restful little staycation — a perfect break before the busyness of Christmas. I enjoy staycations too, sometimes it’s nice to take a few days off work and explore local places.

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