Gingerbread House

Pet Sitting, Bro Fist, and Bundling Up

I did some pet sitting this past week and it was equal parts fun and wild, as per usual! We had Niva’s husky bestie, Runah, over from Sunday to Wednesday and they had the best time playing, digging up our yard, and even managed to escape our fence together.

Two Siberian huskies sitting in yard together (more…)


Christmas Fun and Happy Chaos

We’ve been squeezing in some Christmas activities this month and I am loving every minute of it!

Girl on hayride with baby in carrier

On a tractor ride to look at Christmas lights in our neighborhood!

Our neighborhood had its annual Light Up Night and it was adorable. Imagine a small park filled with kids running around, hot cocoa, cookies, a tractor ride, bonfires, and of course a Christmas tree lighting up! (more…)