A Few Favorites

Sharing a few favorites today!

1. We finished our fence extension. There are a few odds and ends left to tie up, but Niva *should* be secure now. Thank you  for all of your hard work, Jimmy ❤

2. An awesome quote. Still loving the Bible study I’m doing during my devotion time. This quote reminded me that the things in life that we most want to hide or forget are often the things God uses to help us grow and help others.

Quote by Luci Swindoll

3. Visiting Jimmy at work. Sadie and I have been loving popping into Jimmy’s workplace work to visit him and his family at least once a week.

4. Christmas and winter-themed books. We have a small collection of Christmas and winter-themed books for Sadie and it has been such a joy to read them to her each day as we enter this special season!

If anyone has recommendations of others to add to our little collection, let me know! We don’t do the whole Santa thing, but we love talking about the birth of Jesus, Christmas, and snow!

Christmas and Winter-Themed Children's Books

5. Homemade dog food. We bought some homemade dog food and treats from a local business for Niva and she loves it all. The owner of the business is actually the wonderful woman who took Mavis in after the incident with Sadie. If anyone is wondering, May May is doing fantastic in her new home and we see her every now and then when we go on walks around the neighborhood 🙂

6. Family. My family got together after church on Sunday and took a photo with all the grand babies (including some still in utero, lol) and I just love it. I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned this, but my siblings and I all met our spouses at our church. What a gift from God!

Family Christmas photo

7. Christmas shopping. I l-o-v-e picking out gifts for family and friends for Christmas! I try to put a lot of thought into each gift and take notes all year long. Do you like choosing gifts or does it stress you out?

8. Baking. I picked up a Frozen baking kit so we could make Olaf brownies over the weekend. I even wrapped the kit and gave it to Sadie and she was so pumped. We had a great time in the kitchen together 🙂

Frozen Olaf brownie kit

9. Ladies group. Our church just started a women’s group and I’m very excited to be involved! We had a Bible study last week and it was just what I needed. This week we’re making Christmas cookies and treats. Can’t wait!

10. Little breaks. Our families have been so helpful with Sadie! Jimmy and I have been able to sneak in things like work projects, the aforementioned fence extension, and church duties while knowing Sadie is being cared for, loved, and having a blast with our families.

Grandpa with toddler at Christmas with tree

Tell me a few of your favorites lately!

Saturday and Sunday Snapshots

We had such a lovely weekend! It was a great mix of family time, productivity, and fun. On Saturday, my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and their dog came over for the day so the boys could work on our patio renovation

Steel beams for canopy in backyard

It’s coming along!

While the boys worked, us girls spent time grocery shopping, playing with Sadie and Caroline, walking the dogs, cooking, and laughing. We did a lot of laughing 🙂

Sisters smiling together in carHomeschooling toddlers for preschool

At one point, I pulled out Sadie’s hedgehog learning toy for Caroline to try out and it was absolutely adorable watching her get so excited when she put a spike in the hedgehog’s back! I filmed a little clip of her joy and it makes me smile every time I watch it. 

Sunday was spent watching church online, mowing, gardening, and brushing out Niva’s fur. 

Siberian Husky shedding fur while blowing coat

This pile of fur was solely from brushing Niva’s tail!!

Vegetables from vegetable garden  squash, yellow tomato, cherry tomatoes, and arugula

We harvested our first yellow tomato from the garden.

Guy drinking from Siberian Husky mom coffee mug

Jimmy stole my new coffee mug.

Tell me about your weekend!