acro yoga

More, please

Every morning I try to set aside time to read my Bible and write in my journal. My first order of business is thanking God. 

Life has been so beautifully full lately. I keep thinking I’ll have more, please, if that is your will, God. 

Life isn’t always easy, but it is incredibly blessed. The hard days are blessings in their own special way. The good days are absolutely amazing, and I want to soak it all in.

I’ll take more sunrises. More mornings eating breakfast outside. More evenings weeding the garden. More walks with Lola.


I’ll take more time with my sister. More acro yoga. More laughing. More watching her grow up into the amazing woman God made her to be. (P.S. Hannah started a blog!)


I’ll take more celebrations. More birthday parties. More get-togethers. More date nights. More time meeting new people. I went to my friend Kim’s house for her daughter Annabelle’s first birthday party and it was such a beautiful celebration. I can’t believe sweet Annabelle Grace is a year old!

Annabelle Birthday

I’ll take more renovations. More time making our house a home. More happy exhaustion from hard work. More trips to hardware stores to wander around aimlessly.

Bathroom Work

I’ll take more of Pittsburgh. More baseball games. More exploring the city. More new restaurants. More adventures.

PNC Park

I’ll also take more time spent with God. More journaling and Bible studying. More writing. More Pinterest browsing. More time spent reading and listening to podcasts. More traveling. More smiles. More coffee. More photography. More sleeping in. More staying up late. More drawing and painting. More deep conversations.

Thank you, God. If it’s your will, I’ll take more, please 🙂

What will you take more of in your life?

Life Lately

I know I say this every time I post about my life… but life lately has been busy! It’s the good kind of busy, which includes time with friends and family, house renovations, lots of coffee, and laughter.

VBS Cake

This week was Vacation Bible School week at our church! I mentioned a few years ago that I was being trained to lead the kitchen during VBS by some of the older women in my church and this year was the year I stepped up to the plate. My mom and another amazing woman from the church helped me, and all went well. We had a lot of fun preparing snacks for the kids each night.

Car Napping

I was pretty nervous to head up the kitchen, especially because my mom and I were in Savannah the week before VBS. It was smooth sailing, though! One thing that was tough about coming home from vacation and heading straight back to work and VBS was that I was exhausted. Each night during the 45 minute drive to church, I would nap while Jimmy drove. He snapped this lovely picture of me one night, ha.

Brandy and Reggie

My mom sent me this picture of her dogs, Brandy and Reggie, and I have to share it. They’re just so cute. My parents tell me they are best buds. I am so ready to give Lola a fur-sibling!


Hannah and I continue to try acro yoga, which induces loud laughing and falling on each other.

Coffee Gifts

It has been coffee city in the Zottola house lately. I love it! Jimmy and I celebrated two years of marriage on Tuesday. My birthday also falls on our anniversary, so Jimmy gave me a bag of coffee for my birthday and another bag for our anniversary. That night, I saw my mom at church and she also gave me a bag of coffee for my birthday, haha. I guess everyone knows I adore coffee 😉

Bathroom Renovation Progress

The bathroom renovation is going strong! We bought a mirror and light fixture. The current countertop and sink on the vanity are our old countertop and sink because we had to order a custom countertop for the vanity. We will be waiting a few weeks for it to be delivered, but we have plenty of work to do in the meantime. Like installing tile and painting the walls. I actually like painting, so I’m really looking forward to that!

Tell me about your life lately!