A Parade, Dogs, and Vlogs

Hi! Whew, life has been full and busy and good lately.

The Parade

Jimmy and I spent Independence Day with our church family. Just like last year, we walked in a parade and handed out pens and candy. I think it was a great way to reach out to the community and hopefully see some new faces at church in the near future!

Fourth of July Parade T-shirtsPolaris Rzr

The Dogs

First and foremost, my sister and her husband got a puppy! He’s a golden retriever and they named him Indy.

Golden Retriever puppy

Secondly, pet sitting has been keeping me busy! I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out over the past few years that the Fourth of July is the peak of the busy season for pet sitting. I have families on vacation, new clients, people wanting dog walking, and more.

My days revolve around dogs (and a few cats here and there!) and I absolutely love it. This week I’ve been spending time with five dogs, a cat, and a hermit crab. I even brought one of my clients to the parade with me on Independence Day!

Chocolate lab and Golden retriever puppyEnglish Bulldog

It’s definitely a balancing act with pet sitting, working, and just keeping up with life in general, but I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love!

The Vlogs

I’m still enjoying filming vlogs here and there. My sister and I filmed a few together, which was a blast. I miss living with her! I also filmed one and discussed how I majorly embarrassed myself and basically detailed the day in the life of a pet sitter.

Tell me about your life lately!

Sister Day

Hannah and I had a much needed sister day on Saturday. She drove through Pittsburgh construction bright and early, and we pretty much laughed our way through the day.

We did some crafting, pet sitting, attended a craft fair, drank coffee, and I practiced my photography on Hannah. The weather was perfect for a little photoshoot!

I ended the day feeling so happy. I’m continually thankful that God has blessed me with Hannah as my sister. Even if she wasn’t my sister, I’d still choose her as my best friend 🙂

Some pictures from the day…


And, just for good measure, we filmed a vlog! We became more and more silly as the day wore on 😉

Do you have a sibling (or siblings) that you get really goofy with?