Currently: January 2022

Hi and welcome to the first month of 2022! Praying this is a great year for everyone reading this post. Here’s what’s current in my life this month 😊

Husky and toddler on walk with parents

Current books For Such A Time As This and Follow Me to Alaska. Are you reading any good books at the moment?

Current baked good Working on a biscotti recipe and new granola flavor for my Etsy shop!

Current drink Propel electrolyte water. I randomly picked some up while at the store recently and it hit the spot. I’ve been drinking it every now and then when I feel extra thirsty.

Current joy Family time! We pushed the couches together, popped popcorn, and had a movie night on Saturday. We watched Tangled and Sadie thought it was hilarious!

Couches pushed together for movie night in living room

Current excitement I was asked to make a cake and cupcakes for a party this weekend and I’m excited. It’s always so much fun to get creative decorations and such for baked goods.

Current goal Getting back into a good groove post-holidays!

Current fun Working through this watercolor workbook. Sadie likes to paint with me so I get out our watercolor supplies and we sit at the table and paint together! Makes my heart so happy ❀️

Current laugh Jimmy snapped the photo below of my trying to do yoga while Niva tried to snuggle me. I wish he would have got a picture when she 100% sat on me πŸ˜‚

Girl trying to do yoga with husky

Current mood Chill.

Current relief I had to talk Malcolm to the vet after Christmas because one of his eyes was funky… it was almost like something was in it? Thankfully it wasn’t anything serious and we got some antibiotic cream for him. Whew.

Current obsession Chocolate covered Oreos! I added them to my Etsy shop and they’re just so much fun to decorate.

Chocolate covered Oreos decorated for Valentine's Day

Current beauty product This wearable styling treatment has been taming my hair lately and I love the way it smells.

Current foodΒ Four words: sugar cookie peanut butter.

Current craving Sushi! Ever since I had it recently I’ve been wanting it again πŸ˜‚

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What’s current in your life lately?



  1. Happy New Year Allie! πŸ™‚ I laughed at Niva joining in yoga. Aimee does that too and once joined in a live Pilates class I was doing via Zoom, which made everyone laugh. My Pilates teacher has two cats who occasionally join in as well. She once taught a Zoom class with a cat nestled on her shoulders haha

    1. Happy New Year, Grace!! So funny Aimee joined your pilates class! I can just imagine how adorable that was! And the cart on your pilates teacher’s shoulders sounds hilarious! I can imagine our cat doing the same πŸ˜‰

  2. Reading for me – I just finished “A Dead Man in Deptford”, a historical fiction account of the life of playwright and unwilling spy Christopher Marlowe. It’s unsparing (Elizabethan England was a brutal place and it includes Marlowe’s sexual relations with men) but it resists making people into cliches or cyphers. I can recommend it.

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