More Snapshots from Christmas

Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying this weird time between Christmas and the New Year when nobody knows what day it is, where they’re supposed to be, or who they are 😜

I didn’t want to make my last post a picture overload, so I’m sharing a few more pictures from our Christmas celebrations in this post.

Toddler girl wearing Minnie Mouse roller-skates

My parents gave Sadie a pair of roller skates for Christmas and it was equal parts hilarious and adorable watching her try to roller skate around the house!

Also, she picked out her outfit and it pretty much sums up her style personality πŸ˜‚

Family picture in bathroom mirror

We took a silly family picture in the bathroom mirror while getting ready for church on Christmas Eve!

Mom and daughter waring matching pink dresses

I love her so much ❀️

Mom and dad with toddler

Our little family 😊

Guys at church with baby

Josh (my brother-in-law), Lawson (my nephew), and Jimmy at church! Lawson was dressed in the cutest little corduroy overalls on Christmas Eve. Can’t even deal with the cuteness.

Toddler girl wearing leopard shirt

Just Sadie being a Sader Tot!

Mom and daughter in bed

We had a Christmas miracle: Sadie slept past 7:00 am!

Girl frosting cupcakes

Frosting cupcakes. Love the creativity in baking cupcakes.

Buttercream rose on strawberry cupcake

Close up rosette 🌹

Father and daughter sitting on couch

Sadie knows how to lounge.

Toddler girl wearing heart dress

My mother-in-law gave Sadie a new dress and new shoes! She was very excited and everyone was shocked that she’s in a size 10 shoe already πŸ˜†

Guy drinking Starbucks coffee

My favorite guy! His drink of choice lately has been the toasted while chocolate mocha β˜•οΈ

Aaaaand that’s a wrap! It’s New Year’s Eve as I type up this post and it’s hard to believe 2021 is coming to a close. I’ll see you here next year πŸ˜‰

Do you have any fun plans for 2022?


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