Our Christmas 2021

Our Christmas was so sweet this year! Having a three-year-old makes life fun, and having a three-year-old makes Christmastime extra fun 🥰

Family photo in front of fireplace with mom, dad, and toddler

We kicked off our Christmas celebrations on Thursday night with Jimmy’s dad, stepmom, and siblings at our house. We had an epic breakfast-for-dinner spread. We had fruit salad, waffles, sausage, bacon, home fries, eggs, and orange juice + coffee. It hit the spot!

We all exchanged gifts and hung out until it was Sader Tot’s bedtime. It was such a lovely evening.

Friday was Christmas Eve! Sadie and I did school at Starbucks while Jimmy worked a half-day. My parents came over around lunchtime and we exchanged gifts with them and played with Sadie until late afternoon.

We got ready and headed to church in the evening. Jimmy had a short devotional to do and I sang with a few other women. Sadie ran around 😂

Mom and daughter wearing matching dresses

My parents gave us matching dresses!

Jimmy and I hung out on the couch after we put Sadie to bed and then he somehow wrapped gifts (he always waits until Christmas Eve 😆) late into the night while I crashed.

On Christmas morning I was up early to have some quiet time with God. Once Jimmy and Sadie were up we had coffee and exchanged gifts! We gave Sadie kinetic sand and she was so excited. I hope I always remember her excitement over a simple box of sand ❤️

Toddler playing with kinetic sand set

Jimmy’s mom, her fiancé, and Jimmy’s siblings came over mid-morning and we had a cupcake and coffee bar to enjoy while we exchanged gifts and visited with each other.

I put together some coffee (iced and hot), flavored coffee syrups, whipped cream, flavored creamers, pirouline wafers (which Sadie called “coffee pretzels” LOL), strawberry cupcakes, and peppermint bark.

Strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream roses

Sadie enjoyed all the attention and it was nice way to spend Christmas morning! Niva had fun romping around with my brother-in-law’s dog, Peach, too. He takes her everywhere and it’s adorable.

Extended family picture with dog

We put Sadie down for her nap and relaxed for a bit until it was dinnertime. We drove out to my brother’s house (he lives on the other side of Pittsburgh) and spent the evening with his family, my sister’s family, and my parents.

It was a total blast to have all five grandkids under one roof for an evening. I think the last time that happened (aside from at church) was in the Outer Banks a few months ago!

Three toddlers playing with fake makeup

Babies laying on floor by dollhouse

All in all it was a really, really great holiday season for us! I’ll probably share more pictures soon. In the meantime, here’s the vlog I filmed of our Christmas celebrations 😊

How was your Christmas?



  1. Awww! I loved your vlog!! It def made me tear up a few times ~ in a good way.
    I’m so glad you have your blog~ to keep all of our family memories easily accessible.
    Love you beautiful mama.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I enjoy your blogs, as they keep us connected!! Christmas looked wonderful and memorable! Happy New Year to you and your family! Love you!💕

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