Currently: January 2021

Happy New Year! My prayer is that this year is great for each and every person visiting this little corner of the internet. If you have any prayer requests, leave them in the comments or email me. I would love to be praying for you this year ❤

Husky and toddler on bed together

Here’s what’s current in my life this month!

Current mood Content. I’m finding so much joy in the place God has me at in life right now.

Current food Chocolate pancakes. Just had a few for breakfast before sitting down to write this post.

Current excitement My brother and sister are both having their second child this year. I cannot wait to meet the new family members ❤

Current fun We filmed a vlog the other day! It includes homeschool, cooking, cleaning, Jimmy hoarding chocolate (LOL) and more. Just a normal day at our zoo 😉

Mom and daughter selfie

Current books This midwifery memoir, this guide on essential oils, and this Bible study on Hebrews. Sadie is loving Mittens at School and God, You Make Me Feel Special.

Current need New boots. I have a pair of riding boots that are on their last leg. Does anyone have recommendations for where to get a pair of boots at a decent price?!

Current beauty product Lip balm. This season has me stocking my purse, bathroom, and car with a tube so I’m always prepared!

Current cuteness Niva sleeping in our yard. If there’s snow on the ground, she wants to be outside. She often just curls up and does the Siberian swirl (where she uses her tail to keep her nose warm) and sleeps. So cute!

Siberian husky sleeping in snow

Current baked good Corn bread has been hitting the spot lately.

Current drink Coffee-wise, we’re working our way through a bag of this and my favorite non-coffee drink of the moment is orange juice.

Current craving I really want to go to the National Aviary here in Pittsburgh. I think it will be opening back up soon, so hopefully Jimmy, Sadie, and I can find a day to visit. Sadie was only a few months old the last time we went and I think she would really enjoy it now!

Current fun We went to our church on New Year’s Eve for a fellowship and it was a blast. The perfect way to end 2020.

Tell me something current in your life!



  1. I am currently looking so forward to a little bit of normalcy when our gyms and restaurants open back up on Monday. I am not a very self-motivated person as far as exercising goes, so with a 3 week shut down- it really put a damper on my spirits and schedule.
    I am currently reading the book of Matthew through a plan on my Bible app. I want to get through the whole New Testament before summer.
    I love watching your vlog- you always inspire me to clean and get organized (someday it will happen, I promise 🤣🤣)
    Love you

    1. I’m sure you are pumped to get back to normal on Monday! I think you’ll have to celebrate by going to the gym and then going out to eat, haha.

      How is your Bible study? I want to hear about it!

      Thanks for always watching the vlogs. They are so much fun to put together and then look back on 🙂 I love you so much! ❤

  2. Yay for two new additions to your family this year! Cousins!

    Your blog is always so uplifting and like a warm cup of hot tea for the soul. Thanks for writing. Sorry I’m so far behind on reading!

  3. Two new additions this year! How exciting! I had seen that your sister was pregnant, but when is your brother’s wife due? Are they close together? So many little cousins so close in age! ❤

    That "God, You Make Me Feel Special" book looks so cute!

    1. YES! So, Hannah is due in March and Racquel (my brother’s wife) is due in May! Two babies close together again! Their first babies were only five days apart, so two months feels like eons apart but it’s actually really close!! So much excitement. Also, thank you for your email! I have a bunch to write back when I get a chance. You are the best ❤

      The book is really adorable! Sadie loves it and so do Jimmy and I 🙂

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