How We Spent the First Day of 2021

Our first day of 2021 was pretty relaxed. First things first, I had coffee and read my Bible. Sadie girl woke up with the sniffles and a fever so she stayed in her pajamas most of the day.

She decided to paint her nails on the kitchen table and I decided to document that. She also painted my nails. And my hand. And a little bit of my arm. I got the whole spa treatment 😉

Toddler painting her nails

Jimmy was off work for the holiday, so he worked on a house project. He is going to renovate our mantle and fireplace area. I can’t wait to see what he does. He said it’s going to involve steel and a new fireplace! 

I always let him have free rein with house projects because he has much better design taste than I do and it’s a lot of fun to see him use his creativity and skills. He had some help from Sadie and Niva throughout the day. 

Husky and toddler playing in garage

I went to the grocery store, folded laundry, vacuumed the couches, deep cleaned the kitchen, and did some mopping. It was a rainy day + Niva and Sadie going in and out of the garage made for dirty floors.

I love the way the house feels when the floors are spic and span! 

Siberian husky standing by mop

In the evening I started feeling a tickle in my throat and it turned into a full blown sore throat and runny nose by bedtime. ‘Tis the season, huh?

So far, Jimmy is the only one not sick so he is drinking lots of orange juice to up his vitamin c and hopefully ward off mine and Sadie’s germs 😉

How did you spend the first day of 2021?



  1. Aw man, I hope you girls feel better soon~ and that Jimmy dodges the bullet with his extra OJ intake 😊

    I’m also super excited to see Jimmy’s creativity shine with another project. He is amazing!
    Love you!

  2. I think I want the spa treatment too! Can’t wait to see the new fireplace Jimmy is so talented!
    We’re coming down with sore throats here too.

    Love 💕 You

    1. Hahaha, love it! I think Sadie would enjoy giving Pap Pap the spa treatment as well 🙂

      Can’t wait to show you the fireplace, too! Praying you guys feel better ASAP! I love you ❤

  3. Is that the O’Cedar Mop?! I just got that one and we love it! I understand how wonderful it is to have clean floors!

    Also, I love that you and Sadie had a spa morning. 😉 How fun!

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