PPG Place

A Staycation and a Surprise

Jimmy took off of work on Thursday and Friday last week and it was so wonderful to have some extra time together as a family!

With Jimmy being a co-owner of his family’s business, work never actually stops. It’s just part of the package deal of business ownership, you know? He had to quickly run into work early (like 6 am) on Thursday, took phone calls throughout the day, and had to pick up one of his employees from the hospital (😱) but we made the best of it all!

I grabbed us all Starbucks once he got home and we made our way to a local mall in the afternoon.

Starbucks Reindeer Cake Pop

Sadie loved running around the play area while we sat and watched her. It was such a simple moment but so sweet ❤️ (more…)


Weekend stuff

Hey hey! Time to begin another week. Thanks for all of the well wishes for studying and such. I took my IST (computer class) final yesterday and got a 92%. I’m down with that. Two more finals left until the semester is over!


I want to share my weekend activities (aside from studying) with you!

Friday: I went to school from 11:00-2:00, drove home, walked Lola, hung out with family and watched a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel. Hannah (little sister) wanted to play with Jimmy’s hair. It was funny.

Saturday: I woke up around 5:30 because I was having bad dreams. Jimmy and I went downtown in Pittsburgh to the Strip District/Public Market to do some Christmas shopping, Market Square to get coffee, and PPG place to look at the Christmas tree, gingerbread houses, and ice rink. We then went to the Ross Park Mall (so busy), Panera for a late lunch and studying. It was a busy day. At night we headed to my hizzy and watched How to Train a Dragon and made pancakes for dinner. It was cute and I love kids movies!

Downtown Pittsburgh ❤

Sunday: Church + studying + more seafood with mayo!

This week: I have a final on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. I’m hoping to bake some gingerbread men or delish cookies when I’m officially on break.

But for now… I better get back to studying.

Have a great day!