Life stuff

This has been my life lately:Studying for my Spanish final! I find that I focus more when I switch up where I study. One day I’ll hit up the library, another day I’ll chill in a coffee shop, and sometimes I just stay home and study. I definitely get super distracted at home though.


Since my brain is dead, here’s a small photo-dump:My mom and I went to Hannah’s track meet on Tuesday and had a blast. Hannah ran the 100m hurdles, the mile (her time was 7:07… amazing!), the 800m, and the 4x400m relay. She’s a beast. Go Hannah.

Jimmy and I took Lola to a local park. I had never been to this park and it’s only 15 minutes from my house… I need to get out more haha.

Spring flowers make me happy 🙂 Pittsburgh has been having some really great weather lately (according to me because I love hot weather) with high’s in the mid 80’s!

Bible verse of the day:Luke 16:13


Have a great day <333

New suit

Heeeeeey. I’m currently blogging from my little sister’s computer because mine is turned off, in my bedroom, and I’m too lazy to get it. First world problems.

Check out my new suit 😀I’ve already made a few people at the pool laugh due to my new weird suit. Mission accomplished.

Since I’m on Hannah’s computer I thought I would browse through her photos and put some interesting ones on my blog. I’m such a mean sister.Cute.


I don’t know.

My little sister makes me laugh every single day. That’s all I have to say about that.


I’m about to peace out. I teach spinning tonight at 6:15 and I have my last final on Thursday. Can’t wait to be done!