Funny and Strange

Jimmy and I have a lot of fun together. Some of our funniest memories are also the strangest, and I wanted to take a minute to document them because I feel like they’re things that I just couldn’t make up if I tried!

1. Lola opened two of my Christmas gifts from Jimmy this past Christmas and each time she did it, I was the one to catch her! Jimmy kept getting so annoyed with Lola and I was so sad those surprises were ruined.

2. Another Lola story: she likes to be outside at night for like 30 minutes right before bed. Every. single. night. We’re usually dead tired and trying to get her inside by offering treats or a walk, but she typically ignores us. Just the other night, Jimmy knocked on our storm door’s glass to get her attention and literally broke straight through the glass!! Now we have a pane of glass missing in our storm door, LOL.


Little Miss Lola, you are trouble!!

3. Remember when Jimmy and I went to that fall festival in October? We were walking around the park it was held at and checking out all the vendors when we came across a booth that sold items made with alpaca fur. Right on the ground in front of the booth was a basket filled with alpaca fur that said “please touch” and I don’t know why, but I thought that was the funniest and weirdest thing ever!

4. Many blog readers probably know that Jimmy is a welder. He often gets pieces of metal in his eye at work and sometimes has to go to the optometrist to get his eye numbed and have the metal taken out.

A few weeks ago, he came home from work and said he felt like he had metal in his eye, and sure enough, he did. He didn’t want to go to the eye doctor, so he had me use a q-tip to get the shard of metal out of his upper eyelid. He was sooo happy after and I was throughly freaked out!

Jimmy in action!

5. Has anyone ever been in Walmart when a person from a cable company asks you who your cable and internet provider is? This happens to us a lot for some reason, and I guess Jimmy was feeling goofy one day a few months back because this was how the conversation with the cable company person went.

Cable guy: Hey! Who is your cable provider?
Jimmy: No thanks. We don’t have one.
Cable guy: You don’t have cable?
Jimmy: No. We live off grid.
Cable guy: Where?
Jimmy: *names our town within Pittsburgh*
Cable guy: What? That’s not off grid? That’s right off the highway!
Jimmy: Yeah… we’re just not interested.

6. Jimmy often will come pet sitting with me late at night. We’ll bring Mavis or Lola and hang out with the dog I’m watching, take it outside to go to the bathroom, and feed it dinner. Along with taking the dog outside is poop cleanup. This one housing plan that I pet sit in a lot has garbage cans around the plan, but not nearly enough. So, I usually end up with a poop bag sitting outside the client’s door until we leave.

What ends up happening is that it’s super late and we’re too tired to walk to the garbage can, so I chuck the bag of poop into the bed of Jimmy’s truck and we forget about it. Jimmy takes his truck to work, and his dad is always ragging on him for the many bags of poop we leave in the bed of his truck. Oh the life of a pet sitter’s husband. So glamorous 😉

Girl walking cocker spaniel puppy

7. Sometime in November or December, Jimmy and I were driving home from Sunday night church and almost ran over a plastic tote on the highway. Jimmy was like “Whoa!” and swerved around it. A minute later we saw another, then two more, then a few more. We were so confused and Jimmy was just like “Someone lost some totes!”

Tell me some of your funny and strange moments!


Dog Puzzles, Candy Bars, and a Wet Basement

Hi! This week has been a busy one so far, but I’m here and ready to blog! I’m currently waiting for a person from our water company to arrive and have a look at our water meter because Jimmy and I woke up to a soaked basement floor–eek! Hopefully the worker doesn’t ask me if my parents are home like last time 😉

Alright, here’s some randomness from my life lately!

I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to dog puzzles. It’s just so neat to see Mavis and Lola use their brains to get their food. In case any puzzle lovers out there are wondering where I get them, I’ve bought most of mine at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. The two below were only $5 each!

Outward Hound Dog Puzzles

I’ve even been lending the puzzles out to my pet sitting clients for their pups to give them a try. I’m thinking of doing a post on our favorite dog and cat products, but I don’t know if that would be a total snooze-fest, ha.

Jimmy and I attended a wedding on Saturday and he was the best man. It was so sweet to see him give his speech and watch the bride and groom tie the knot.

Couple at wedding reception table in black and white

Okay, random question. Have you heard of the new Hershey’s Gold bar? Apparently, it’s the first new Hershey bar in 22 years. I have been hearing all about it and literally couldn’t find it anywhere. I went to our local Walgreens and a worker told me our area of Pittsburgh was completely sold out.

On Sunday after church, Jimmy and I stopped at a gas station for coffee and gas and lo and behold, I found one! If anyone in Pittsburgh is looking for the Hershey’s Gold bar, I found it at the Sheetz in Monroeville!

Hershey's Gold bar Hershey's Gold Bar

Can you believe Christmas is on Monday? Our church puts on a special Christmas Eve service each year and I’m excited for it. There’s nothing like celebrating Jesus’ birth with our church family. Jimmy and I didn’t put up a Christmas tree this year since Mavis is still so young (and we’re lazy…), so I’ve been keepin’ it festive around here with cute coffee mugs.

Merry Christmas mug with labrador holding candy cane

Well, I think that’s all the randomness I have to share for now! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

What are your plans for Christmas?