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Pregnancy Diary May 1st & 5th, 2022: The 12 Week Ultrasound

May 1st, 2022

I had my first trimester screening last week! It includes an ultrasound and bloodwork and looks for any abnormalities with the pregnancy. While finding something abnormal wouldn’t change a thing for us with the pregnancy, we figure the more info we have, the better! Plus, I’d never pass up a chance to check up on the baby.

12 week ultrasound

The baby really looked like a baby! I was able to bring Jimmy along to this appointment (thank you to my mom for watching Sadie ❤️) and it was amazing to see our baby moving and its little heart beating. (more…)

Pregnancy Diary April 6th: First Prenatal Appointment

April 6th, 2022

Hi! First of all, here’s a picture from the ultrasound I mentioned in my last pregnancy diary post! We were able to see the baby and his/her heartbeat 😍

Early pregnancy ultrasound

I had my first prenatal appointment yesterday! I was a little nervous beforehand because Niva had jumped on my stomach a few days prior and I was worried she could have hurt the baby. Hearing baby’s heartbeat during the appointment was extra sweet!

My mom and Sadie came with me to the Midwife Center for my appointment and it was so cool to be back! The last time I had been there was in 2018, when Sadie was six weeks old. Bringing her with me to this appointment was a full-circle moment. (more…)