Never A Dull Moment Around Here

Well, as I mentioned in a recent post, we had a weird situation with Mordecai’s circumcision. I’m back to share the story and report that it got even more crazy. There’s never a dull moment around here, so let me explain!

Because we had Mordecai at a freestanding birth center instead of a hospital, we knew he couldn’t be circumcised at the birth center. The midwives just don’t do circumcisions and we were home a few hours after his birth.

Usually, the birth center schedules the circumcision for a couple of days after birth with a doctor who works with them. Wellllll, a couple of weeks before his birth, we got an email that the doctor that performs the circumcisions for the birth center couldn’t perform the procedure due to supply chain issues with circumcision kits.

So, we were told that we had two options:

  1. Have the circumcision done at the hospital by a urologist when Mordecai is over six months old, but he has to be put under anesthesia and it’s a tougher recovery the older the patient is.
  2. Have a Mohel, which is a Jewish Rabbi that performs circumcisions, do the procedure in our home on the eighth day of Mordecai’s life.

So, that was kind of unexpected! I personally was like well, maybe this is a sign we shouldn’t go through with it? Jimmy was pretty firm on having it done, and I read about the risks of urinary tract infections in boys/men who aren’t circumcised. It was just a weird situation, you know?

On top of that, our insurance wouldn’t cover it because it wasn’t done by the birth center’s doctor, so it was considered “out of network.” We ended up having to pay $400 out-of-pocket for something that is usually covered by insurance no problem.

We took everything into consideration and decided to go with the mohel. The rabbi actually thought we were Jewish when we told him Mordecai’s name, lol. Anyway, he came to our house on the eighth day or Mordecai’s life and did the circumcision.

Newborn baby laying in bassinet

Our little guy resting after his circumcision



Snapshots of Life Lately

Okay, snapshots of life lately are going to look a little different than the last snapshots post! We have a new family member and I haven’t left the house much so there’s a lot of cuddling going on around here šŸ˜¬

Dad holding newborn with cat on his lap

A prime example of mornings over here! Coffee and snuggles in bed have been the best. I think this needs to extend beyond the newborn phase because it’s so cozy. (more…)