Family Meeting Mordecai + A Vlog

As promised, I’m here with some sweet photos of family members meeting our new little guy, a video of Sadie meeting her little brother for the first time, and a vlog! First up is a video of Sadie meeting Mordecai.

She was able to come to the birth center a couple of hours after he was born and actually met him in the same room was she born in and same bed she was born on!! That was pretty special 🥰

And yes, I’m 98% sure she licked his face haha. She is doing well adjusting to him. I think it’s harder for me than for her because I feel guilty I can’t give her as much attention as I have the past four years. It’s a huge adjustment, but overall we are doing well!

My parents were the ones who brought Sadie to meet her brother, so of course they got to meet their seventh grandchild. They are over the moon with the new addition and think he looks like a boy Sadie. I have to agree, lol!

Grandparents meeting baby boy at birth center in Pittsburgh, PA

I think all the grandparents were happy they didn’t get “the call” that baby was coming/born at like 2:00 am like last time 😂

Jimmy’s mom and step dad also popped over to the birth center before we went home and brought us coffee. Yay!

Grandparents holding newborn baby boy

Jimmy’s dad met us at our house when we got home and gave us Jimmy’s baby pajamas and a little rattle for Mordecai. So sweet! I can’t wait to see him in the pjs.

The day after he was born, Jimmy’s step mom dropped off a meal and met lil Mordecai. Then Jimmy’s sister and brother popped over!

Grandparents meeting and holding newborn baby boy

Uncle meeting nephew

That evening, my sister and her family came over for dinner and play time with all the kids! My sister and I had been dreaming of her son, Titus, and Mordecai meeting since the day I found out I was pregnant. They’re a little less than three months apart in age and we’re so excited to see them grow up together.

Babies laying together on bed

Titus is on the left and Mordecai is on the right. Mighty Titus is doing so well since his IUGR diagnosis. He is thriving and truly so adorable!

Last but not least, we filmed a little vlog this past week! Life with a four year old and four day old, plus decorating our house for Christmas. It was happy chaos and I have a feeling we will love watching this in the years to come.

There you have it, all the family meetups and a couple of cute videos!



  1. This is so precious! Sadie and Mordecai will be the best of friends. And to have cousins nearby too – the best. I love that Malcom is climbing all over one of the grandparents while they hold Mordecai. Like “Hello, it’s me. The cat. I still go wherever I want.”

  2. So amazing Sadie meets her brother in the same room, on the same bed where she was born!
    As soon as we walked down the hall toward the door I knew it was the same room.

    Love 💕 You!

  3. Aww such a great post of Mordecai’s arrival 💙 oh- when Sadie and I watched the video of their first meeting- I asked her if she licked him- and she said no YaYa, I did this-
    And it was a sweet nuzzle 💕💕💕
    I prob should have told you that!
    Love you

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