2022 Notes and Thoughts

We’re in the final days of 2022, right on the cusp of a brand new year! This year was full of so much joy for our family.

Family Christmas photo with mom and dad kissing

Each year, I like to step back and reflect on everything that has happened and give thanks to God. Part recap, part reflection, that’s what this post is all about! Let’s get to it. 

Books read 47

Best fiction read The Bodyguard by Catherine Center

Best nonfiction read Strong, Brave, Loved by Holley Gerth

New addition Baby Mordecai! It’s weird to think that he will be a one-year-old by this time next year.

Mom with son and daughter selfie

New things Getting back into archery and potty training.

Different thing Jimmy tore down a wall in our kitchen while Sadie and I were in North Carolina.

Recipes posted Chocolate espresso granola, homemade apple pie, and cherry almond granola.

Excitement Having Braid Bakery granola in a physical store and hitting 600 orders on Etsy, finishing my novel, finding out I was pregnant after trying for a while, my sister having baby Titus, and Mordecai joining our family.

Braid Bakery granola at The Iron Bird

Baking Made a Boy Scout cake and cupcakes, cow cake, baseball cupcakes, pineapple upside down cupcakes, Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog cupcakes, a wedding cake and cupcakes, and plenty of bread, granola, cookies, and brownies.

Travel North Carolina in February and May and West Virginia in November.

Hard stuff UTI for Sadie while on vacation, my sister going through IUGR with her son, and Mordecai being hospitalized.

Most popular post Our Family is Growing!

Toddler holding ultrasound

My personal favorite posts Parenting a Toddler is…, The Early Days Round II, Things I’ve Learned from My Mom, Parenting and Balance, Pepper Wars, Sadie’s Fourth Birthday Party, Sadie at Four Years Old.

Best Amazon purchases Pet hair remover, peanut butter packs, lactation cookie mix, parchment paper (I bought this six times in 2022… I guess I bake a lot 😉), baby swaddles, leave-in conditioner, and Battery Daddy.

Thoughts It was a great year for us! I see God’s provision in numerous ways. I’m writing this post with the baby we prayed so hard for sitting on my lap. My sweet four year old is sitting next to us looking at a book.

Jimmy had success at work, we spent time with our families and church family. My small business grew and I grew right along with it. I’m able to do work I’m passionate about and stay home with my babies. We were healthy and enjoyed every big travel moment and little everyday moment in between.

Mom with baby and preschooler

Looking forward I’m excited for 2023! I’m hoping we can travel, watch Sadie and Mordecai grow and thrive, continue to serve in our church, keep homeschooling Sadie, and find a way to fit everything else in, too.

I want to get better at recognizing and honoring my priorities and discover a balance with family life, work, personal time, and also try and settle into our new normal as a family of four while giving myself grace during this transition.

As I say every to myself every year, I don’t know what the future holds, but I know Who holds it. There will big highs and there will be lows. But in every high and low, God will be with us.

How was 2022 for you?

Do you have any goals or plans for 2023?



  1. What a wonderful year!! 2022 for me was definitely eventful indeed! Ended up doing a ton of travel hahaha! For sure this year was the year I traveled on a plane the most times in my entire life 😂.

    Also some recent happenings are making me reflect on what is my next step professionally and also what I want to accomplish as I continue on my 30s!

    Hope you have a great new years and awesome ’23 Allie!

    1. It was a great one for us!! I feel like 2022 was a big one for you! So much travel and your new podcast. You rocked it, Pree!!

      Can’t wait to see what 2023 brings for you professionally and personally 🙂

  2. You’re so blessed with an amazing husband, 2 beautiful children, 2 crazy pets, and a family that LOVES and cherishes you so much!!
    2023 is going to be awesome 💗

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