Out With A Bang

Well, we certainly finished our trip off with bang… at urgent care. Poor Sadie girl started acting strange on Wednesday and by that afternoon she was in a lot of pain.

She was showing symptoms of a urinary tract infection and we weren’t sure what to do. We knew we would be leaving to go home the next morning, so we decided to call her doctor and see what they suggested.

Mom and toddler at urgent care in Outer Banks

Her pediatrician booked her for an appointment to test for a UTI for when we got home, but said to take her to urgent care in North Carolina if she was in a lot of pain that night.

We didn’t want to risk her getting worse in the night and then going on a plane with her in severe pain, so we took her to Outer Banks Hospital Urgent Care in Kitty Hawk at dinnertime. All of the staff at urgent care were awesome!

We got Sader Tot tested for a UTI and it was positive. Poor girl. We picked up an antibiotic at the drugstore in Kill Devil Hills and started her on it ASAP. We also dosed her up with Tylenol as per the doctor’s orders. It was really hard seeing her in so much pain. I think I cried as much as she did 😢 

We made it through the night without much sleep, and Sadie was feeling okay enough to get on the plane back to Pittsburgh in the morning.

Airplane window on Breeze Airways flight

Our flight was smooth and quick and we were back home by 10 am! Sadie still wasn’t herself so we let her laze around for a bit and watch TV before Jimmy brought her to work to say hi to everyone while I caught up a little around the house.

I think the little outing lifted her spirits! Afterwards, we all took a much needed nap 😴 

Dad and daughter in forklift

Sadie woke up from her nap with a fever over 101 but some Motrin knocked it right out. We played with these dinosaur eggs to distract her from the UTI pain before we had an early dinner. Afterwards, since the weather was gorgeous, we headed to one of our favorite places: the trail and creek! 

There’s a walking trail near our house with a creek along it. There’s a little nook of creek that we absolutely love going to. It’s our family’s happy place. It felt so good to go for the first time this season!

Husband and wife at creek

Toddler girl throwing rocks in creek

We capped off the evening by going to Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream. We grabbed some ice cream for Jimmy’s step brother and sister before heading over to his mom’s house to say hi. She had hurt her back recently so we wanted to visit and check on her. 

It was a good day back in the ‘Burgh! Minus the sickness for poor Sadie. Today I am frantically cleaning up the house, tidying, doing laundry, and cooking in preparation for the Bible study we’re hosting tonight. Soo, I should probably end this post and get my day going! 

Have you ever had to go to the hospital or urgent care while on vacation?



  1. Poor Sadie! I’m SO glad you were able to get her to urgent care and that the experience with the staff was a good one. It’s always scary bringing them to a new place that’s SO far from home. 😦
    That’s So sad… but also thank goodness it was at the very end of your trip!! I think that sickness on vacation is just the worst. 😦

  2. I’m so glad baby girl is feeling better!! What a scary night 😣
    I’m glad we were able to enjoy a lot of fun things together as a family!
    Love you and see you all soon!

  3. Sadie is in good hands with mommy and daddy!
    Looks like she is on the uphill swing for sure!
    Love You,

  4. Oh poor Sadie! I’ve never had a UTI, but I’ve heard they are terrible and I can only imagine how miserable it would be for a little one. So glad you all were able to get help right away!

  5. I am glad you took her to urgent care so she could get started on the medicine right away. Poor little thing. We took Owen to the urgent care when he stuck a walnut up his nose a few years ago. At the end of the visit he was so relieved to leave. He said, “Bye people.” It was really sweet.

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