Coffee Date, Cousin Time, and Cool Weather Fun

Hey hey! We’re currently enjoying our last day here in North Carolina. It’s early morning as I type up this post and I’m just sitting here smiling thinking of all the fun we’ve had this week 😊

My brother’s family arrived late Sunday night and Sadie has been in cousin heaven ever since then!

Two toddlers and baby cousin sitting on blue couch together

Sadie and my brother’s oldest daughter, Remi, are just eight months apart and get along really well. Sader Tot has also been practicing her big sister skills on her baby cousin Raven ❤️

The girls have been playing nonstop and it’s so sweet to see them running around together. We bought the older two girls matching dresses and they thought that was pretty neat!

Toddler girls wearing matching purple dresses

Jimmy and I snuck out on a coffee date to Front Porch Cafe in Nags Head so we could work on the Bible study we’re hosting at our house on Friday night.

It felt downright luxurious to spend a weekday morning alone with Jimmy while drinking good coffee and studying the Bible!

Front Porch Cafe in Nags Head North Carolina

The weather took a turn from the first couple of days we were here and has been chilly and windy! I have to say, I really don’t care what the weather is while we’re here because I’m still on vacation, if that makes sense.

Even if it’s cold and windy, we’re still sleeping in, enjoying meals out, not working, and spending extra time with family. I love it, bad weather or not! My dad and Jimmy gave us girls gift cards for a local nail salon for Mother’s Day, so my mom and I went yesterday morning and enjoyed some pampering 🥰

Mom and daughter with manicures

I love getting my nails done, so this was such a great Mother’s Day gift! I had money left over on my gift card, so my mom and I took Sadie to get hair nails and toenails painted. She spotted the kids pedicure chair as soon as we walked in and immediately chose her favorite nail polish color: pink!

I wasn’t sure how Sadie would do at the nail salon, but she was an angel! She sat still while she had her nails painted, said thank you to the employee, and kept whispering “It’s so pretty in here.” Such a sweetie pie!

Toddler girl getting her nails done

Jimmy, Sadie, and I went on a little family date in the evening! The first stop was the bowling alley for Sadie’s first time bowling. She did well! I’m pretty sure she thought the kid’s ball prop was cooler than actually bowling, but she had fun regardless 😉

Mom and dad with toddler selfie

Dad teaching toddler daughter how to bowl

After we finished up bowling, we continued the fun at Sugar Kingdom! Basically, it’s a huge candy shop with every kind of candy and chocolate out there.

We had never been there before, so it was cool to scope it out and pick up some treats! Jimmy was all about the sour candy and Sadie and I were team chocolate 🍫

Sugar Kingdom Candy Bag

The cashier thought Sadie was extra polite, so he gave her a cat gummy lollipop. It was a great experience! We will definitely be back in the future 😬

Toddler with cat lollipop from Sugar Kingdom

I’m soo not ready to fly home tomorrow. It has been really nice to relax and spend time with family. I could do this another week or two, at least 😜

But alas, we have to go back to reality! I miss Malcolm and Niva and I’m excited to start the warm weather season at home. Gardening, family walks, and grilling are calling my name.

Talk to ya when we’re back in the ‘Burgh!



  1. Awesome pictures thank you for sharing !
    It has been an awesome time for sure don’t want it to end either!
    Love 💕 you!

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