Nine Ways I Add Joy to Everyday Life

Finding small ways to add moments of joy to my everyday life has made such a difference for me. Instead of dreaming of taking one vacation a year or living for the weekend, I’ve found that daily habits, rituals, little luxuries, and taking time to enjoy them can be just as special and meaningful as big events.

Below are nine small ways I add big amounts of joy to my everyday life. Please share how you add joy to your life in the comments!

Toasted marshmallow candle (more…)


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! You know what Friday means… it’s time for another Friday Favorites post. These have truly become so much fun for me to put together. I’m always thinking of things to add to this post as the week goes on and I really look forward to reading the comments and learning what your favorites are, so let me know!

Today is an iron infusion day for me, so I’ll be at the hospital for a bit, but hopefully the rest of the weekend is more fun 😜 Okay, let’s get right to the favorites!

Nails painted yellow

Yellow nail polish. My favorite color is yellow. I just love it because it’s so bright and happy! I’ve never painted my nails yellow because I wasn’t sure if it would make them look… dingy? I decided to just go for it and painted them “Daisy Dukes” yellow and like how my little home manicure turned out! (more…)