Nine Ways I Add Joy to Everyday Life

Finding small ways to add moments of joy to my everyday life has made such a difference for me. Instead of dreaming of taking one vacation a year or living for the weekend, I’ve found that daily habits, rituals, little luxuries, and taking time to enjoy them can be just as special and meaningful as big events.

Below are nine small ways I add big amounts of joy to my everyday life. Please share how you add joy to your life in the comments!

Toasted marshmallow candle

1. Scent. My number one little luxury is lighting a candle. There’s just something about a candle burning that instantly makes a room feel elevated, cozy, and has the bonus of making a space smell great. Scents can change with seasons or have emotional connections, which is special, too.

I am a firm believer that things like nice/fancy/expensive candles, essential oils, perfumes, etc. are meant to be used and enjoyed! So, light your favorite candle, turn on the diffuser, use the room spray, and spray the fancy perfume every day. Because, why not?

2. Making/having nice food or drinks. I love going out for coffee, but that can certainly add up. Sometimes I make coffeehouse-style drinks at home with flavored coffee syrups. I also try to make nice meals. To me, that means buying the nice bread at the store or taking a minute to just plate my meal in a pretty way and then sit down and actually enjoy it! Listening to my favorite podcast while cooking makes it a lot more fun, too.

Nespresso coffee in a blue coffee mug

Moving decor pieces. Home decor is so much fun for me! It can really personalize a room or be used to celebrate a season. I definitely don’t have the money or space to buy new decor pieces all the time, so I often move things like throw pillows, vases, candles, and blankets to different rooms or even just different places within a room to make our home feel fresh and energized. As a bonus, moving decor pieces keeps my creativity flowing!

Hobbies. As a mom, having hobbies has been life-giving. Archery, writing this blog, baking, reading, and painting are all things I try and do weekly that aren’t-parenting focused and are things I genuinely love to do. When I’m feeling drained or empty, I can usually tell I haven’t been doing fun things, so I try to make room for them as much as my schedule allows.

Girl frosting cupcakes

5. Tidying up. I know, tidying up seems like work instead of joy. Hear me out, though. I have a little routine I do each day to tidy up the house: vacuum the floors and couches, clean our picture window, wipe down the counters, and make the bed. These small tasks make our home feel clean, fresh, and way more enjoyable. When there’s no clutter, crumbs, and fur all over the place I instantly feel more peaceful.

6. Being outside. No matter what season it is, being outside is an instant mood booster. It can be a sort of reset button for life. Whether the house is chaotic, I’m feeling tired, the pets are being wild, or my daughter is stir-crazy, getting outside changes everything. Sunshine and warm weather is always nice, but we’ve taken snowy walks that are some of my most favorite memories!

Girl pulling child in sled with husky

7. Rituals. There’s something about a well-loved ritual that is so comforting. I have a few: drinking hot coffee every morning, reading my Bible, eating something sweet before bed, and reading in bed after I lay my daughter down. For my morning coffee, I buy the “good” coffee beans (usually Starbucks). I find joy in baking sweets to have and share with my family, and there’s nothing like a good book. These little things I do every day bring me immense joy.

8. Painting my nails. Caring for my nails is such a small thing, but every time I glance down and see a polish that makes me smile, I’m glad I took the time to sit down and paint my nails! Getting my nails down is another thing I really enjoy, but I don’t always have time time or money in my budget to do so. An at-home manicure is just as fun and joyful for me.

Nails painted yellow

9. Getting ready for the day. I don’t know why, but getting ready for the day (even if it’s evening by the time I actually do it 😂) is such a great feeling. Putting on a touch of mascara, taming my hair, wearing “real” clothes, or even just putting on a necklace makes me feel like a different person!

I think adding joy to everyday life in little ways boils down to being intentional and believing that life, even the mundane days, should be treasured and enjoyed.

Finding ways to make a dreary Monday morning feel special will be different for everyone, but once you find the things that elevate the mundane and take the time to enjoy them, you’re golden ❤️

What are some small ways you add joy to your everyday life?



  1. Love all of these! Getting coffee is my ultimate daily joy. Given that a cappuccino is about 1.50 in Italy, I don’t mind the splurge lol. It’s not super sweet gourmet Starbucks, but it’s alright if you’re sipping on it while sitting outside a cafe and watching people go by.

    I never cared for candles, but think they’d be a good investment this winter! Save on electricity and light the room the old fashioned way haha. Doesn’t hurt if the candle smells nice too

    1. Wow, that is one cheap cappuccino! I would probably be getting a few every day after the insane amount I spend at Starbucks here in the U.S. on ONE latte 😂 I so wish we could sip coffee and people watch together!

      You’re giving me so many ideas for things to send you when you get back to the U.S.! How about some of my favorite candles?! Also, the pumpkin spice Goldfish, what do you think?!

  2. I love your rituals- and I believe it’s important to have them (but not be obsessed with them). Coffee first EVERY MORNING is a must ritual (sorry- I’m obsessed with that one).
    I also read my Bible and pray every morning.
    After that most weekdays consist of some sort of workout at the gym, then home to laundry and work.
    Most evenings I try to relax and read and watch some tv, then hit the pillow as early as possible- 4:15 is early for this old girl~ I need my zzz’s ♥️

    1. YES! Rituals are awesome, but it’s also important to be flexible about ’em! Except coffee… there’s no flexibility there, lol. Same with Bible time. As long as it happens at some point!

  3. I love this and relate to so many of these. Especially keeping the house tidy and getting ready every day. You should check out the Daily Connoisseur YouTube channel and her books. She’ll be right up your alley!

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